acerola-orion has been a GameFAQs user since October 22, 2012. He is extremely fluent in all types of lewd matters. It doesn't matter what type of lewd matters, he is a master of them all. He is truly a man's man among men. All men fear his awesome lewdness...all women crave it... He likes Gust, Marvelous AQL, Intelligent Systems, and tri-Ace. Wilbell voll Erslied is his waifu.

He has an intense fixation with the joining of the female ass and the front of his head. Whenever he gets a chance, he will casually request a woman sit on his face. The woman in question can always refuse, but of course, they never refuse. Drawing from this, it wouldn't be entirely incorrect to refer to a man of such swagger as an 'ass face'. However, that would be nothing more than a term of endearment and an oddly arousing fact. 

Likes Edit

  1. Being Lewd
  2. Butt School
  3. F***ing
  4. BDSM
  5. Whips
  6. Ass to Face Action (AFA)

Dislikes Edit

  1. Prudes
  2. PETA
  3. Ugly People
  4. Right To Censor
  5. Grammar

Famous Quotes Edit

  1. her panties aren't the only thing i'd stick my nose in
  2. is this thread about boobs
  3. whichever one allows me to have sex with the most anime girls
  4. i'd still let felicia suck my peepee even if she bit it off
  5. not to say that all pamelas aren't awesome, but i want to see another loli pamela
  6. i'd f*** all three at the same time
  7. still waiting for those pics of effie's ghetto booty
  8. i'd eat dat ass
  9. If you could only have one, which would you rather have, camilla's left tit or camilla's right tit?
  10. i'd stick my tongue in all of their holes
  11. what if pieri smeared pumpkin pie on her ass i would eat that
  12. mavitar is a loli irl
  13. pieri as a... m-maid?!?! heavy breathing
  14. fangs are especially charming when a cute girl uses them to bite off your weewee
  15. living, who needs that, i need only pieri
  16. i would rather find out how many waifus i can have sitting on my face at the same time
  17. being sat on > being stepped on but both are good
  18. I think Pieri would be more fun in bed.
  19. yeah i wanna smash elise's poonpoon
  20. small boobs are awesome
  21. i want to see maid elise clean pieri's fish taco with her tongue

Trivia Edit

  1. He is immune to all known STDs.
  2. His manliness level is OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. He has been described as a funny old man by those not in the know...but that simply isn't true...