Someone who did way too much math for Awakening. He managed to beat Apotheosis under crazy conditions and isn't afraid of anything.

Doesn't like Fates. Hates WiFi features and refuses to simply not use it.

Makes random Vs. Topics called "FIGHT:", chances are they'll be extremely obscure.

Occasionally talks about boats. Or says "Torpedus" in place of "Torpedo".

Will hand Endgame ammo if it suits his needs, and is responsible for at least one of the things that he overhyped.

Lost an account that had Spaces.

Gerome/Lucina is, factually, the worst thing ever.

If you're a member of the Tsun Fleet, he's not going to lay off.

Joined the Navy sometime around April. When he came back, he started saying "Fix yourself, guy."

Likes Edit

  1. Math- Yes.
  2. Awakening.
  3. Lucina.
  4. Robin/Lucina
  5. Being a difficulty masochist.

Dislikes Edit

  1. People like Diogo, who don't believe in the power of math.
  2. Gerome/Lucina
  3. Fates- He's on Team Endgame for this particular game.
  4. Gerome/Lucina
  5. Shippers who don't respect the might of the Canon. If your ship got the Torpedus, you better deal with it.

Topics Edit

  1. FIGHT: Camilla vs Kongo (Kancolle)
  2. Average Damage with Some Skill Stacks
  3. ATTN:Endgame [Severa related][Also anyone who wants to see a bit of ze crazy]