Apocrypha has been a GameFAQs user since 1 July 2015. She is one of the few (confirmed...only?) regular female users on the Fates board. Her love for Azura burns with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns and in its intensity matches the passion of Azura's male fans. This alone makes Apocrypha pretty dope.

She also keeps the Church of Azura's many appreciation topics alive with bumps of fanart and comments praising the Church's patron saint (Azura for those that don't follow). That's pretty great.

Due to her love of Azura, she inevitably must someday face Einvalt when he makes his inevitable return... When the day comes when Azura, Apocrypha, and the entire Church of Azura must fight this deliverer of doom, we will know that the apocalypse has truly come... However, the virtuous followers of the Church of Azura will survive!

Likes Edit

  1. Azura
  2. Azura Fanart
  3. Church of Azura
  4. Poll series
  5. Correcting typos

Dislikes Edit

  1. Errors
  2. Typos
  3. Anonymous Vote Spamming Troll
  4. Hoshido/Nohr Endings...
  5. Einvalt (For his sacrilegious mockery of Lady Azura and his endless hatred against her)
  6. Endgame (For mocking Lady Azura...and other reasons...)
  7. Kappa (In its jealousy of Azura's radiance, Kappa has cursed Azura till this day...)
  8. Dover Demon (A true hater of Azura wherever it is...)

Topics Edit

  1. Official Azura Appreciation Topic Part 3 (Topic of the Official Church of Azura)
  2. Conquest Anthology Chapter 2 Translated
  3. Least Inappropriate Husband for Elise
  4. Gameplay or Writing: Which Would You Rather the Localization Fixed?
  5. Hoshido Comic Anthology Translation
  6. Translation of 4-Koma manga
  7. Which FE Game Had the Best Plot?

Quotes Edit

  1. Welcome~~ Discuss your love for the lovely songstress here, share fanart, and remember to vote for her in the current Fates popularity poll!
  2. Just when I think I've found the prettiest pieces for Azura, I find another one.
  3. *feels intensify* Thank you~
  4. Senpai recognized me in the OP :3

Trivia Edit

  1. Charged151 is grateful to her for correcting the vote counts in his many polling series. She has referred to him as Senpai.