Camilla (くたばれ, Ka Moo La La )is a playable character from Hunie Pop unlocked as a guest star on Fuck Mode, along with the Hoshido Princess Hinoka. As tha second eldest child of the Nohrian royal siblings, Camilla is one of the princesses of the country, commanding the loyalty of the Trashy Berkua and the obviously Unsexy Selena as her personal strippers.

Camilla has the most fetishes in the Nohr kingdom, rivaled by Silas's Corn fetish.

Camilla is a professional WHORE!

Camilla's StoryEdit

As a young child, Camilla's childhood centered around the Nohrian Court. Her first memory was putting poison in one of her half siblings drink, which choked them to death. 5 years later, Camilla had already gone through puberty at the age of 10, her breasts were at averaging at a size C. Even more years later she secretly worked at a brothel and services many men until CORRIN!! ~^0^~ Came into her life.