BaraPanda is just an average joe on the forums. Recently decided to create a wiki page for himself for attention, but he hasn't thought of what he would even do with it. If you see him on the forums, he's probably just avoiding his homework.


  1. LimboStudios X Fire Emblem Fates OTP
  2. You know what would be interesting? Enemy armor colors that aren't just red


  • End my suffering - Multiple occasions



  • Endgame's opinions
  • Complaining
  • Diogo


  • The official wielder of the Durandal.
  • Has at least 4 other accounts on other websites that have "panda" in the name
  • Has played a "real" fire emblem (FE7), sacred stones, and awakening and fates. Has not finished FE7 and FE8
  • Looks a bit like Anthony Mackie