Basileus15 has been a user on GameFAQs since April 24th, 2015. He often talks about Roman history, or European history in general, and he ended up pre-ordering the game. Besides his love for history and his participation in the "Create a Fire Emblem Fates Character - Revival" series, he's also a part of his high school's theatre program, in which he channels his haminess into something enjoyable. When it comes to Fates, he rarely plays it anymore and hardly participates with the Fatesfaqs community, hiding in his own little RP bubble.

About him Edit

Basileus15 is an actor in the "Create a Fire Emblem Fates Character - Revival" series and frequents other topics as well. He's a friend of users such as Starbutterfly, chaincat22, Death2Allmortal, Reavisk, Ginja_Ninja, and others. Basileus15 has seen many things, such as the rise and fall of minor trolls (and even major ones), and the Great Saltening. during those dark times, he relied on the old Fabian Tactics of Rome, waiting that shit out. As things calmed, and even as they didn't, he has hidden in almost perfect isolation. Well, except for when he played Cards Against Humanity with chaincat22 and PoisonedYouth.


Believe it or not, Basileus15 has a YouTube channel. No, i'm not kidding, here it is .

Likes Edit

  1. Hammy acting
  2. History
  3. MAPS
  4. Fire Emblem
  5. Civilization
  6. Crusader Kings II
  7. DBZ


  1. Whatever happens to be aggravating him.

Quotes Edit

  1. Latino_King x Pieri x Futarochi is my new ship.