A wonderful guy, who is known to judge things on an equal scale, and thus is a bad ass. Very opinionated and won't hesitate to get into arguments concerning unit viability and waifus. His taste in pairings range from "weird" to "decent". Prone to joke bash peoples opinions, though it's hard to tell. Can be rather rude and a bit of a downer. He also runs a segment called "DJBraz" on the Fire Emblem discord chat, where he sings songs requested by others, such as Dead or Lie. He's running the EmblemTale "fanfic" on Gamefaqs, and is working his hardest on "Twisted Dreemurrs" for fun.

He is the savior who revealed to us all that the only way to defeat an Umbreon is a physical Alakazam.


  1. Fighting Games
  2. Fire Emblem
  3. RWBY
  4. Persona
  5. Danganronpa
  6. Undertale
  7. Good Fanart
  8. Asriel Dreemurr
  9. Mettaton
  10. Chocholate


  1. Gheb_
  2. Charlotte
  3. Flirts
  4. Chinese Food
  5. People with no concerns for anyone
  6. People who judge games off fanbases
  7. Hypocrites
  8. Being Bored
  9. People telling him how to sing
  10. Boring or Flat characters


  1. Rate my Conquest Pairings
  2. Man Effie is bad


  1. (To TheWaifuWar) f*** you Waifu.
  2. (Between Which Of Conquest And FE7 Is Better) Conquest. Blazing Sword was an overall bore. The maps were easy as hell, even on Hard Mode (bar Hector Hard Mode), units like Pent, Harken, even Karel could break the game (which Endgame loves to use against Birthright) and the lords were literally 2-D. Even though I didn't like Corrin, he at least shows differences in his personality.
  3. (In response to people proposing BlazGear X Diogo is canon) No. If you make that canon I will end you.