Bombilation is a silly 13 year old who has turned his heart into steel, and is ready to be subjected to the horrors of the internet! He is most commonly known as Bomby or "property of X" (Trickster_Anna and her alts, Lizette etc) and he likes to make statements about his preference of malesub to maledom... And about Sophie's ass... Because he wanted someone to put him in the wikia so he posted... about it...

Quotes Edit

  1. "Tee hee hee, what a great time to be submissive and 13! Hooray for me!" - In LK's "I always pictured Orochi as a shotacon topic.
  2. -Garchomp: Fuck it, I'm done here

Bomby: No, wait! Don't leave! I'm just not that smart!

  1. "Property of - Literally everyone" (Private Message)

Trivia Edit

Dear Hitlar. My name is Takumi. I've been a big fan of yours since I learned about you in the history class. I love your war. You know how to fight. Your wars were beautiful. I want to know you more

  • Is property of people
  • Has a friendly rivalry with Cecilthepaladin over who gets Sophie/her ass