ChenYakumo has been a GameFAQs user since 28 July 2012. He is known for many things, but what really stands out is his belief that older sister x younger brother is the purest form of love. He fantasises in particular over the Male Avatar x Camilla pairing.

ChenYakumo is also known for his amazing smut, especially when it involves Femdom. Maybe it is due to a secret desire to be dominated entirely by his favorite ladies, but all men crave the work he writes.

He recently has had his account suspended for a set period of time by an admin for numerous and/or severe ToU violations. Hopefully he returns to us soon!

Likes Edit

  1. Incest
  2. Femdom
  3. Camilla
  4. Sakura as a dominatrix
  5. Soleil

Dislikes Edit

  1. People that dislike Incest
  2. Wrong Opinions
  3. Prudes

Topics Edit

  1. Camilla should have been the canon love interest
  2. Which Fates character would you go to the bar with?
  3. Which Fates girl would make the best dominatrix?
  4. Garon vs Marche (FFTA)

Quotes Edit

  1. you people have bad opinions; nothing wrong with an older sister loving her young brother
  2. see, oneesan x otouto is the purest form of love because it requires the most love and devotion possible from an older sister, especially one like Camilla, to reject every man and wait for her younger brother who she loves so much.
  3. I figure soleil would be the ultimate wingwoman
  4. I remember reading smut about sakura dominating kamui
  5. I'm drafting up a scenario where Kamui fails in chapter 22 of Nohr, and gets captured by Hoshidian forces and Sakura has some "alone" time with him
  6. fuck it I guess I'll write this story then it may or may not end with kamui getting penetrated by sakura's staff
  7. I've never seen an opinion this wrong