ChibiRaichu is a user who frequents the Fire Emblem Conquest boards quite often. She is usually found in PoisonedYouth's Xander topics and oddball topics in general. Though, she herself never seems to make any topics. She's usually seen being an extreme cinnamon roll, snarky, or just doing something out of the ordinary. You can often find her ontop of a clocktower. She is also the official Waifu of Leo! So don't go after him!


  • Leo
  • MEIKO (Vocaloid)
  • Vocaloid in general
  • Velouria (user)
  • Clocktowers
  • Gaius
  • shitposting and RPing


  • Being pet or treated like an animal
  • Donnel
  • Some people
  • Meanies



  • She is a Raichu Gjinka
  • She likes icecream
  • Her wiki page is kickass
  • What is wrong with life
  • Don't kill me, please
  • cries in a corner*
  • Holy shit there's another girl on FatesFAQs

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