ColdOne666 is basically a troll. He has only recently come to the GameFAQs board to spread his pompous opinions. Basically, he is board cancer. He really sucks...


  1. Starting shit
  2. Thinking he is better than the whole damn world
  3. Thinking his opinion is one of the universal physics laws
  4. Himself
  5. Fire Emblem Awakening


  1. Everything Else (Essentially)
  2. GameFAQs
  3. Anybody who dares to "hate" on Fire Emblen


  1. (Referring to GameFAQs) This site easily has the worst Fire Emblem fans on the planet bar none


  1. Fire Emblem Awakening is a truly amazing game, it is the 2nd highest rated 3DS game on Metacritic, hundreds of hours of replayability and yet all half the board can do is cry about the story or characters or gameplay.
    Biggest bunch of entitled babies i have ever seen. They are just jealous it is more popular then the old games.
    As soon as this game comes out they will all start ripping on it as well, mark my words.

Quotes About Him

  1. "I'm TC, I want to start a fight with the entire board because I want to feel special, so I made a bait topic." <MAtt5TER>
  2. Endgame I found your long lost brother/sister <Khentai>
  3. "How DARE people not eat s*** with a smile like I do whenever Nintendo throws it at us! I'm going to insult them using empty buzzwords like 'entitled' while exposing myself to be the whiny little brat I'm accusing them of being! That'll show them!"
    PS. "People just hate on it because it's popular!" is the classic fanboy defense of things that suck so much that the fanboys subconsciously acknowledge it sucks and do not even attempt to argue a real defense for it. Because there is none.
    You know, absolute s*** like FF7.


  1. He may or may not be related to LimboStudios. Heck, he may be LimboStudios...they both are internet cancer, so yeah...
  2. This guy really, really wants attention.
  3. He sounds a lot like a Reddit troll...maybe he is part of "Le Reddit Army".