D412kKn16h7 is GameFAQs user who's account was created on 9 February 2013. He remains mostly unnoticed on the boards, leading some to believe he is Kellam's descendant. When he does post, it is often only once as he rarely responds. He has an odd admiration for blue hair, especially Oboro's and Yuugiri's shade of blue although he has admitted to liking Flora's and Azura's lighter blue colour.

Despite stating Yuugiri will be his waifu, he has yet to claim the board's official husbando status.

Likes Edit

  1. Blue haired waifus
  2. Posting once

Dislikes Edit

  1. Being ignored by GameFAQs board-senpai

Quotes Edit

  1. (In Regards To Who Would Be The Best Dominatrix) Sakura. What a plot twist that would be.
  2. Yuugiri crushing a male enemies' test****s while fauning over his death throes
  3. Ophelia fantasizing about a Shadow Dragon's Blazing Sword following the Path of Radiance to her Sacred Stones while Awakening her Radiant Dawn

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Trivia Edit

  1. Is he possibly Kellam's descendant?