DiogoShadowJorg (also know as DiogoJorg) has been a GameFAQs user since 3 June 2008. Despite being a user for quite a while, he is infamous for his varied opinions and not being afraid to speak exactly what he is thinking, which has on occasion got him into trouble...

He has a very divisive view regarding morality. He has on many occasions stated that things and people in the world are painted either black or white. He believes there is no grey middle ground and that people are either purely good or purely evil. Despite great criticism for this school of thought, Diogo pushes on, holding steadfast to his own personal beliefs.

Still, his very varied opinions have stimulated a lot of discussion, so let us hope that he remains a GameFAQs user for the near future, since GameFAQs would be a boring place indeed without people like DiogoShadowJorg!

He is well known for always trying to defend Hana, Subaki, Rinkah, and Hinata, pretty much all characters considered low tier or bad. Despite being well known for talking about how Horse Spirit/BoltAxe!Rinkah is a good unit, he claims his waifu is Hana...

He basically defines what "Lawful Evil" means... meaning he may have a faint (or not so faint) connection to Im_Pheros. However, recently his actions have been very chaotic. He spams articles on the wiki that are likely alts of him or total nonsense. How odd... (this has been proven false. It is already confirmed that it wasn't Diogo who changed other people's pages other than his own page, Blazgear and Endgame.)

He's the founder of a new Wikia named Fire Emblem Gamefaqs users, which he claims he created to counter apparent slander on this page, despite everything listed here being true and the quotes all being directly said by him.