Someone who edits random wiki pages to look like DiogoShadowJorg's wiki page. May be Diogo himself, since he is salty that his page was locked, and might be out for revenge. The term for a wiki page being vandalized by this person is "Diogo'd". If your page is vandalized, please undo the edit and report the incident to the nearest moderator, like Charged151.

Add yourself to this list if you have been Diogo'd: jdeo1997, UnlessJack, TheWaifuWar, BlazGear, PoisonedYouth, Snazzy, Sayaka, Magical Eponine, UnlessJack, Mistress Zelda, MetaFalconPunch, Dekarus, Cobalnite, Sylawaatch, NishikiMcCloud, CalamityRaven26, Gugomo, Endgame, ChibiGiratina, ChibiRaichu, LimboStudios, BaraPanda, GrandmasterZer0, FreeFalco, PKSupahstar, MedicalGamer, DioJoestar, Gaming_player, Tails15809, xXgarchompxX

Other pages that have been Diogo'd: The Noteworthiness Page

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