Discord is a voice-and-text app meant to help gamers communicate. What does this have to do with our "stellar" community. Almost nothing, if it wasn't for the fact that a server (and some other servers that originated from the server and have a lot of inter-connection) was made as a secondary place for the various members of the Fatesfaqs community.... Mostly.

Server Origins Edit

In the dark times of summer 2016, Jdeo1997, inspired by events on the board, the near-uselessness of mods, and the creation of a Discord Server for KHfaqs, made a Discord server with blackjack and hookers; full of hope with how it could end up better controlled then Fatesfaqs, without dealing with the mods of Gamefaqs.

It then went straight to hell, and Jdeo ceded control to PoisonedYouth, where it became a Conquered Wasteland.

Some time later, Jdeo made a second one with blackjack and hookers, This time with some help, and unlike the first one, it has managed to be.... well, not fully stable, but it at least didn't go to hell.

Channels Edit

To make a long description short, there is a rules channel that has all the basic rules of the server, and announcements, a general chat for discussing almost anything, Servers for all Fire Emblem games by continent, a channel to admire waifubandos, a spoiler channel, a channel for challenge runs (pretty much dead due to a "sibling" discord being entirely dedicated to it), a channel for memes and other stupid stuff, a channel for shipping, music channel, hacks channel, Cipher channel (same as the Challenge run in terms of use), channel for bot use, shitposting channel, and a multiplayer channel.

Voice Chat Edit

Yes, there is also use of the "voice" part of "Voice and Text". Ever once in a while, several users will go on Voice Chat, and you can hear their voices, which may or may not ruin how you read any Gamefaqs posts from them.

Mods Edit

Actually usefull, unlike Gamefaqs mods, there are currently 9 Mods, being Jdeo1997 (Head of server), BlazGear, Cobalnite, MedicalGamer, Strawby, UnlessJack, NishikiMcCloud, Trax7263, Ekusa/ErgoTnia, or the other mods I am too lazy to list individually rn

Joining Edit

It used to be via link in a old topic, but due to some undesirables getting in, joining has been relegated to an on-person basis.

Any requests to Join the server should be taken up via Pming Jdeo or one of the other mods. From there, the decision should be taken up in discussion among the mods, and if a majority of them approve, you're in. If not, then you're not allowed in, but maybe asking again some time later will allow you in (Unless you are among a certain subset of people who are not allowed in under any means, due to reasons or history on Gamefaqs)

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