Doxcy20 is one of the less known GameFAQs users who is trying to establish himself! Thus, he made himself a page right here! What a champ!

He is interested in what is the current trends in the minds of his fellow GameFAQs users. This led him to make a poll to figure out which country in Fates people would join. In it, he shared his views...especially regarding how he thought that Conquest would have been handled differently than it was in regards to how you actually changed a country from within.

He also is one of the owners of a Wii U and Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE. We hope he likes it!!!

Furthermore, he is known to help other people keep their topics active. Isn't he a sweet guy! I'm sure he needs a stick to keep all of the girls away!


  1. Fire Emblem
  2. Pokemon
  3. GameFAQs
  4. Hana(Who he loves more than anything)
  5. The Legend of Zelda
  6. Kingdom Hearts


  1. Fates PvP (Due to corrupting him)
  2. Kinshi Knights


  1. Who would you join? Hoshido or Nohr.
  2. A little help?


  1. Very peaceful isn't it... I think i'll take a nap for bit.
  2. (In regards to his in topic 1 poll results) Surprisingly Hoshido is winning this one. Last time I think Nohr dominated the poll. Guess things have slightly changed.
  3. I'm pretty sure most of us expected Conquest to be handled differently.
  4. (In regards to an item in Tokyo Mirage Sessions he was looking for) Well what do you know. I can't believe I ran past those twice. Thanks for the help.
  5. :(
  6. The enemies got no sympathy from us.


  1. He likes to join RP/create a unit topics and give himself an interesting set of skills. Bless his heart!

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