Edge_Raven has barely any presence on any GameFAQs board, but propelled to stardom for a few minutes till he got suspended by spewing his hate toward everyone with two very glorious topics. What an attention whore!

He also posted hentai. Maybe he is an alt of Bill Clinton?

Ow the edge!

Likes Edit

  1. Hating Latino_King
  2. Hating everyone
  3. Hating you
  4. Hating life
  5. Hating everything
  6. Being an edgelord
  7. Pornography

Dislikes Edit

  1. Being nice
  2. Latino_King
  3. Everything and everyone
  4. Himself (possibly...)
  5. Wandering__Hero

Topics Edit

  1. f*** Latino_bimbo
  2. f*** all of you!

Quotes Edit

  1. @Latino_King
  2. f*** you
  3. f*** you too
  4. Everyone but me has downs here.

Quotes about him Edit

  1. And nothing of value was lost. -Wandering__Hero when referring to him getting banned!!!

Trivia Edit

  1. Due to the massive levels of salt that is pouring out of this guy, this guy may have some unknown connection to Limbo-chan!

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