Eldin is primarily seen on the Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia board and Fire Emblem Heroes board. Among many things, he waited for Fire Emblem Heroes with huge anticipation. Whether he is a whale or not we do not know, but his wallet is ready apparently!

Furthermore, he goes beyond just the games that were localized, liking characters from Fire Emblems 4 and 12 for instance. Maybe he actually has a chance of not being called an Awakening baby by Endy-bendy!!!

He is also a HUGE fan of Katarina, which the aforementioned Awakening babies have almost no chance of knowing who she is (maybe...). By extension, he may not be in the group of people who automatically think Fire Emblem 12 sucks just because of Kris. Many of these people probably haven't even beaten Lunatic mode or even played the game by the way, showing that Eldin has a level of maturity that is much beyond the average bear person. Truly a magnificent man we have here!

He also has the same name as a volcano from Zelda. That must mean he is FIERY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Likes Edit

  1. Fools ("Thank god for fools, for if it were not for them, the rest of us could not succeed" - His Sig)
  2. FIRE!!!!!! LOTS AND LOTS OF FIRE!!!!!!
  3. Katarina (His waifu)

Dislikes Edit

  1. Edgy Raven
  2. Angsty, edgy trolls
  3. Board cancer
  4. Robots that want to annihilate mankind!!!!! Who would like them?

Topics Edit

  1. One More Day Until Heroes!!!!

Quotes Edit

  1. My wallet has prepared for this day!!!! Bring it on, gatcha system!!! (In reference to FE Heroes)
  2. Severely underrated games, they need some more love!!! (In reference to FE4 and FE12)
  3. Katarina is my most wanted, period.

Trivia Edit

Regarding what he thinks the names of remakes of Fire Emblems 1-3 would be...

3: Fire Emblem Echoes: The Hero's War 4: Fire Emblem Echoes: Curse of the Holy Blood 5: Fire Emblem Echoes: The Holy War: Another Tale 6: Fire Emblem Echoes: Scars of the Scouring

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