Engdame is a mysterious GameFAQs user who showed up on the GameFAQs Fire Emblem Fates board on Thanksgiving of 2015 (26 November 2015), which is the date that his account was created. His gimmick is to pretend to be everyone's favorite GameFAQs troll Endgame, while trying to trick people into thinking he is the real deal. Despite the various signs that Engdame is not Endgame, he has successfully tricked some users into thinking he is, in fact, Endgame.

His real identity is unknown, but he's probably just some fat neckbeard who wants Endgame-senpai to notice him (and it worked). Or Latino_King. Or both.

Is also an English dame.

Aliases Edit

  1. Scum of the Earth
  2. Imitator of Scum of the Earth
  3. Endgame (by people who were fooled)
  4. Fucking moron
  5. Dickbag

Likes Edit

  1. Who cares

Dislikes Edit

  1. Who cares

What other users have to say about him Edit

  • "That ain't Endgame." (Mavitar)
  • "Why would anyone want to mimic Endgame to mock his quotes? He already mocks himself whitout any effort from any imposters." (DiogoShadowJorg)
  • "u should copy his sig to be more deceiving." (Chomp_Change)
  • "And try not posting right after me, immediately giving it away." (Endgame)