This page lists all waifubandos, claimed or unclaimed from this thread, as well as the people who have claimed them. The list is not complete yet, and will keep getting updated. Same with this article. You can only have one waifubando in the entire series. If you want to claim a new one, you'll need to drop your previous waifubandos. Enjoy!

Username Claimed Waifu
SCC_Defender Cordelia
Big_Wicket Lucina
HoennZach Tharja
EstaEstanal Severa/Selena
CakeOfLies Nowi
Mr. Yooj Lissa
Cybersaur_Tecz Tiki
Izzy1020 Olivia
emblemmaster99 Cherche
Bell92 Anna
Snazzy/DolphinPants Cynthia
Sayaka Nah
Drift2Blades Maribelle
jasonjason123ab Female Morgan
Tails15809 Say'ri
Rex-Calibris Sumia
TheHusbandoWar Emmeryn
Username Claimed Husbando
X-Mirelle Male Robin
Atalyah Libra

Unclaimed waifus: Sully, Miriel, Panne, Kjelle, Aversa, Noire, Fem!Robin

Unclaimed husbandos: Chrom, Frederick, Virion, Stahl, Vaike, ,Lon'Qu, Gaius, Gregor, Henry, Owain, Inigo, Brady, Gerome, M!Morgan, Laurent, Yen'fay, Gangrel, Priam, Walhart, Yarne

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