An adaptation of the events and setting of Fire Emblem Fates but altered to star a good chunk of the users on the board. It is cowritten by Zenia, PoisonedYouth, Jordanm1108, TheWaifuWar, and Heavy.

Sadly, the fic has died, and will not continue.

Summary: "Nohr is ruled by LK who used to be a weird but well liked king. One day he turns evil and PY, who is the greatest tactician of Nohr who wields Siegfried, deserts to Hoshido and Endgame's side because LK is evil. From there, LK starts waging war on Hoshido. Many of the Nohrian agents, such as Bellagio, MorganFF, and Gheb that have come into power since LK became evil, are creating absolute chaos in the wake of the war. Caught in the middle of it are Nestra, ruled by Cobalnite as a theocracy and the Church of Azura, the Fire Tribe, ruled by Chieftain Diogo and his beloved Rinka, Cheve, ruled by Crab and his independence-seeking SmashFAQs trolls, and finally the Ice Tribe, ruled by Chieftain Zinie" -Zenia (Source: