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This is a current list of the Fire Emblem Fates GameFAQs users with their corresponding Husbando/Waifu. It is subject to change. Feel free to update if something changes.

The list is alphabetized by the Fire Emblem Fates GameFAQs user names.

To request a waifu/husbando already claimed, you need to put in a one week request. If the previous claimer doesn't respond, the new claimer gets his/her wish.'

As of July 23, it was decided by several board members that the Husbando/Waifu list was an invalid and archaic method. It was discussed and an alternative was chosen. Now anyone can claim which ever Husbando/Waifu they wish. Even if they had been claimed prior, no claim supersedes another and all are equal. This multitude of same Husbandos and Waifus is explained by in-game Outrealms, as the games didn't really use them anyway so now we use them.

The old list will remain on the wiki as a piece of board least that is what Cobalnite wants. Let's use it as the official version anyway! LOL


aljini x Saizo
cecilthepaladin x Sophie
angel_mist x Kaze
Aranvoid x Beruka
Ari917 x Keaton
Astrophys x Caeldori
AshkeAngel x Izana
AuroraUltima x Nyx
Azure_Flame x Marth
Baggedsalad x Hinata
Bfidle x Rhajat
BlazGear x Ryoma
Blazing Braixen x Haitaka
Charged151 x Oboro
ChibiRaichu x Leo
CloudSith5060 x Azama
Cobalnite x Azura
Corporal_Corpul x Benny
DarkKamui54 x Fem!Corrin
Deathy5656 x Mozu
DolphinPants x Nina
Dekarus x Selkie
Donnel_Tinhead x Reina
Endgame x Forrest 
Fifty_Six x Shigure
Flare_Sorrow x Camilla
Frankazar x Hana
G_Xedos x M!Corrin
GatedSunOne x Soleil
Gwonam_is_bae x Mikoto
ImpLord x Rinkah
iPOUT x Percy (Ace included)
jdeo1997 x Selena
Jesus_Toast x Arthur
KingOfAllCondos x Sakura
Azure_Flame X Elise
Knusperkeks_02 x Cherche
Latino_King x Effie
Lazward (user) x Lilith
LostWhisperer x Kaden
Mavitar x Felicia
McLahey x Silas
MissCarriage x Takumi
NXmasterrace x Velouria
OctorokHero x Hinoka
PhantasticPhool x Setsuna
Phosphorylation x Subaki
PlasmaStar x Peri
PoisonedYouth x Xander
Queen_Hoshido x M!Robin
Ralphlouis17 x Arete
RandoGamerKid x Lissa (DLC)
SazukeEX x Scarlet
ScoutsCode x Hayato
Serras x Yukimura
SpellcraftQuill x Kagero
silverwinds x Chrom (DLC)
Sir_Frederick x Jakob
ToadFan4Ever x Ophelia
Snipest_Sniper x Shiro
Steelwingknight x Flora
Strider_123 x Niles
SupahDot x Orochi
sylawaatch x Asugi
Technickal1 x Midori
TheBLD x Anna
TheSnowyForest x Gunter
TurBroSpeed x Laslow
Velouria (user) x Siegbert
Wind64a x Shura
Zannie649 x Charlotte
Zenia x Kiragi
Zinie95 x Odin
-Pit- x Zhara
SelesnyaSkyhart x Frederick(DLC)
Vampragonlord x Daniela
Koopakingg x Candace
Infinida x Fuga
Mr_Xander x Garon

Tails15809 X Mitama

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