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In the land of GameFAQs, after 2,456 Years (Days? Hours? Who Knows?) of endless conflict between the board’s most infamous users, peace has finally been achieved.  Endgame and Latino_King have decided to stop shipping each other with people that they don’t like.  Peace between their warring factions seems imminent.

Team Endgame, Team Latino_King, and Team Mavitar travel to Admin Castle to celebrate the end of the conflict.  Another personal event is happening at this very moment.  Due to the war finally ending, Endgame and Aisha are going to get married! 

Team Endgame consists of ivanhellsing (who loves hatred), Dekarus (who loves Garon’s excrements, lel), Lazward (who loves Dark Character-Related Puns), and Einvalt (who hates Azura).  They are a motley group indeed.

Team Latino_King consists of his two current waifus (Effie and Orochi), his wonderful Meido Flora, Acerola-orion (the lewd one), and ChenYakumo (a smut writer for Latino_King).  They are all very happy the war is over.

Team Mavitar is a little more…complex.  This Team has never really been aligned with anyone, but has maintained good relations with Team Latino_King while disliking Team Endgame.  Thus, it comes as a surprise that they have come to this occasion considering Endgame is present.  Mavitar himself has always disliked Endgame while SpellcraftQuill despises both Latino_King and Endgame.  Also a part of Team Mavitar is the Church of Azura.  Apocrypha leads the church while Cobalnite is Azura’s husbando.  Being so close to Einvalt is another surprise, since Einvalt is a focal opponent of everything that is Azura.  Still, Team Mavitar decided to attend…

Sadly, the inclusion of so many volatile elements would prove to be the downfall of this event…

Chapter 1: Tragedy

In a dark room somewhere, SpellcraftQuill is brooding…

30 plotting

SpellcraftQuill brooding...

SpellcraftQuill: I hate that Queeb! I hate Endlame! Ahahahahahahahah‼‼‼‼ How dare they stop fighting!

A croaked smile comes to his face.

SpellcraftQuill: Do you know what? They will NEVER stop fighting! I will make sure of it!

He gathers his faithful servants and fellow conspirators. LimboStudios, Kagerou, and HOOHAHHE are present, in addition to the mysterious Engdame, Endgame’s clone.

Legion of Doom

The menace is assembled...

SpellcraftQuill: Do you know why we are gathered here today!? We will make the Endgame/Latino_King war never end‼‼ We will destroy them both!

Everyone else: YES‼‼

SpellcraftQuill:To make this war never end, you must do as I say!
First: Kagerou, steal the Endflame tome from Endgame.
Second: LimboStudios, whisper to Aisha that Effie has been acting inappropriately with Endgame.
Third: I will tell Latino_King that Endgame plans to deliver Latino_King’s corpse to Gheb_.
Fourth: Engdame, in the guise of Endgame, kill Azura and thus make the Church of Azura and Mavitar’s faction despise Endgame.
Finally: HOOHAHHE, bring the entire might of the “Le Reddit Army” down on Endgame’s faction after Azura is dead! You all have your orders! Now move

A Short Time Later… Everyone is enjoying the peace party and the beginning of the wedding. Kagerou approaches Endgame.


No one has any idea what is about to happen...

Kagerou:Hey Endgame, how are you doing! Endgame:Great! I no longer have to lead the war against King’s faction and I am getting married to Aisha! I could not be happier Kagerou: Good! Good! There is something I want to whisper to you though. Can you lean in closer?

Endgame is perplexed, but leans in.

Kagerou:I have always thought that you two looked marvelous together

Kagerou secretly swipes the Endflame tome and replaces it with a fire tome.

Endgame: That’s great, but why did you have to whisper that

Kagerou: “Oh…no reason!”

LimboStudios approaches Aisha, who is drinking some Fruit Punch

LimboStudios: Hey Aisha! You look marvelous today! How are you doing?

Aisha: Great! I am glad Endgame will finally stop screwing around with Latino_King! Now he can devote all his time and attention to me!

LimboStudios: About that… You know, I heard Effie had been…acting inappropriately with Endgame…


Aisha's expression

Aisha: ??? Where did you hear this.

LimboStudios: I overheard it from Latino_King… He was so jealous…

SpellcraftQuill approaches Latino_King

SpellcraftQuill: Hey Queeby!? How have you been?

Latino_King: Pretty good. Can you stop calling me that though? We are trying to be more peaceful now.

SpellcraftQuill: I can do that… By the way, as your friend…

Latino_King: When have you been my friend?

SpellcraftQuill: Well, as someone who is…concerned… I heard this peace is nothing but a ruse.

Latino_King: What are you talking about?

SpellcraftQuill: I have heard that Endgame plans to get you drunk and deliver your body to Gheb_...

Latino_King: ‼‼!

SpellcraftQuill: Maybe it is just a false rumor. You know how those are… Later! Heheheheh…

The nefarious party gets together

SpellcraftQuill: Kagerou, LimboStudios, and I have done our parts, it is time Engdame… Wait till Endgame goes to the restroom Engdame and then do your part…

Endgame goes to the restroom…and out comes…Engdame…he goes up to Azura…

Engdame: Hey Azura?

Azura: What?

Engdame: Die!

Engdame thrusts a dagger into Azura’s throat. Everyone looks on with horror except Einvalt, who proceeds to laugh uncontrollably. Engdame runs into the bathroom, and out comes the real Endgame…

SpellcraftQuill: Endgame’s planning to kill us all! Run‼‼

Everyone runs away. But in comes HOOHAHHE with Le Reddit Army.

288362 1250911171975 full

People are running away as fast as they can!

HOOHAHHE: Time to die Endgame!

Endgame: What the f*** is going on?

HOOHAHHE is about to stab Endgame, who cannot find the Endflame tome. But suddenly…

HOOHAHHE: Ahhhhhhhh‼‼

HOOHAHHE is kicked hard and sent against a wall. Misha-Heart enters. This theme plays!

Endgame: Misha-Heart!

Misha-Heart: I saw the blasted “Le Reddit Army”! I don’t know what’s going on Endgame, but what I know is that any group it is affiliated with needs to perish! As a powerful samurai myself, I will lend my sword to you!

Endgame’s comrades rally around him!

Einvalt: Ahahahahah‼‼ I love you so much Endgame! Thanks for killing Azura!

Endgame: I didn’t kill Azura though…

Einvalt: You didn’t? Well whatever. Let’s kill “Le Reddit Army”!

ivanhellsing: Let’s wipe these Kamui worshipping scum off the face of the planet.

Endgame: I don’t know if they worship Kamui though…

ivanhellsing: Doesn’t matter, let’s cut them up!

Dekarus: Gahahah! I have a jar of Garon’s excrements! Fear me!

Everyone one: :(

Lazward: I love your puns Dekarus, but we need to focus on the enemy!

Aisha: ………..

Endgame: Don’t look so down Aisha! We need to focus!

Endgame’s loyal forces fight against “Le Reddit Army led by HOOHAHHE.” It is a one-sided ordeal. Most of HOOHAHHE’s forces are a bunch of fat kids who can barely walk and many forgot to bring weapons. Between Endgame burning them alive with his fire tome, Einvalt cutting them up with his axe, ivanhellsing piercing them with his lance, Dekarus turning into a Manakete and burning them alive, Lazward and Misha-heart cutting them to pieces with their swords, and Aisha (who is melancholy) Nosferatu-Tanking the entire group’s pathetic attacks, more than 200 Reddit trolls are slaughtered without mercy. HOOHAHHE himself, after being given a nasty wound by Misha-heart, dies by his own hand after Dekarus makes him smell the putrid scent of Garon’s excrements.


He doesn't like the scent either...

HOOHAHHE: OMG‼! It smells so bad!

Dekarus: Come on, it isn’t that bad…

HOOHAHHE: I can’t take it anymore‼‼‼

Kills himself

Dekarus: Lel! (His victory phrase)

The battle ends.

Endgame: What the hell was that about?

Aisha: …Tell me Endgame, what do you think of Effie anyway?

Endgame: ?

Aisha: Oh nothing…

ivanhellsing: Endgame! We need to retreat! The entire Church of Azura and Latino_King’s forces are coming from the East.

Endgame: Damn it all…

Somewhere in a dark room not too far away.

SpellcraftQuill: Ahahahahahahahahah! Heheheheheheheh! Finally the war has returned! Ahahahahahahah!

And so, the short peace that has lasted for a few days is broken by a conspiracy by one individual whose heart is drenched in malice…

Chapter Ends

Team Endgame Unit Status: (Note, Endgame gains levels like an unpromoted unit.)

  1. Endgame: Sage: Fire Tome, Heal Staff: Level 3/40: Skills: Ignis, Magic +2, Fortune
  2. Aisha: Dark Mage: Nosferatu; Level 3/20; Skills: Vengeance, Bind
  3. Einvalt: Fighter: Iron Axe, Hand Axe; Level 5/20; Skills: Counter, HP +5
  4. Dekarus: Manakete: Dragonstone, Jar of Garon's Excrements; Level 3/40: Noble Lineage, Dragon Fang
  5. Lazward: Mercenary: Steel Sword, Vulnerary: Level 4/20: Girl Lover, Stubbornness
  6. ivanhellsing: Lancer: Iron Lance, Javelin: Level 3/20: Wrath, Defence Seal
  7. Misha-Heart: Samurai: Killing Edge: Level 5/20: Luna, Flowing Strike

Chapter 2: Finding The Sadist

Presently At Dawn Castle, Home To Team Latino_King The music here plays:

AAAPleasure Palace

Castle Dawn...a "Pleasure Palace"

Latino_King: Ah! We are home! I don’t know why Endgame has returned to his vile ways, but before we deal with the new menace, let’s relax for a bit!

Everyone Else: Yeah‼‼‼‼

Everyone goes off to…enjoy themselves. Latino_King is presently with Effie, Orochi, and Flora...

Latino_King: That’s right my beautiful ladies! Stomp on me! Harder…harder…

Effie/Orochi: As you wish!

Flora: I will get…the whips…

Latino_King: Ohhhhhhhhhh‼! Please do‼‼

As for Acerola-orion…well he can’t exactly talk right now…

Charlotte: My dear, you certainly love it when I sit on your face, don’t you? Such…an interesting thing arouses… No wonder you are referred to as an…ass face…anyway, you have a lot of money, so i won't complain

Acerola-orion: Mmmmm…mmmmmmm!!!!

As for Flare_Sorrow…

Flare_Sorrow: Gahahahahah‼! I hate that prick Endgame! I am glad the war has returned… I despise Aisha more though. Maybe I should make this situation worse...

ChenYakumo is at work!

ChenYakumo is writing more for Technickal1, he is polishing his incredible fighting skills by breaking rocks apart simply by squeezing for PlasmaStar….

PlasmaStar: Ummm…Latino_King…I know you are busy but…I need you all together so we can devise a plan for dealing with this menace.

Latino_King: Can’t you wait a little while…FloraTheMaid just brought whips!

PlasmaStar: Ugh…

Going to Uber Castle, home to Team Mavitar

Mavitar: I knew that bastard would never change. He killed Azura of all people and his buddy Einvalt laughed at the whole spectacle. What a monster.

Apocrypha: That f*** killed Azura, HE NEEDS TO PAY‼!


How Apocrypha feels right now...

Cobalnite: I agree miledy. As she was my waifu though, I wonder if setting the land aflame once more would really honor her memory. I’m not saying Endgame shouldn’t pay, but…

Apocrypha: Oh, I can’t deal with you right now‼!

Apocrypha leaves the room. She bumps into PhantasticPhool who enters.
Grabs collar

You better listen good...

PhantasticPhool: She is taking this rather heard, even more so than Azura’s husband Cobalnite…

Cobalnite grabs PhantasticPhool by the collar

PhantasticPhool: ‼‼!

Cobalnite: You listen good. I hate that Endgame as much as anyone else, but if someone doesn’t keep our head about us, we will return to war again‼! In order to honor Azura’s memory, we need to keep our heads about us damn it‼!

PhantasticPhool: …

Mavitar: I hate to interrupt you guys, but does anyone know where SpellcraftQuill and his buddies ended up?

Everyone: No…

We return to Team Endgame, who are presently in hiding.

Einvalt: Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah‼‼ Azura is dead! It has finally happened!


Einvalt laughing maniacally...


Aisha: You really should stop Einvalt. It isn’t right to mock the dead.

Einvalt: I thought I saw Endgame kill Azura though, yet he claims to have not… Whatever. Azura is dead! Ahahahahahahahah‼‼

Aisha: …Tell me, have you ever noticed…Endgame look at Effie before…?

Einvalt: No. Bahahahahahahah‼‼ Azura is dead!

Lazward: Cheer up Lady Aisha. We can have another wedding for you and Endy and then everything will be back to how it was before.

Endgame: I doubt that.

Lazward: ???

Misha-Heart: If you haven’t noticed, it seems Endgame has been framed for murdering Azura. Until we can find the true perpetrators, people are after us.

Lazward: Oh… Hey Dekarus, what are you doing?

Dekarus: Ohhhhhh‼! I’m just dancing with Garon’s excrements. They are so awesome!

Everyone Else: …

ivanhellsing: Anyway, I’ve been beating the s*** out of the Kamui worshippers we captured the other day. B******s. Anyway, the keep claiming their innocence. Dumb f***s. We need someone who knows how to torture someone properly.

Dekarus: Oh! Oh! I know someone!

Everyone Else: No you don’t.

Dekarus: Ah…. Sobs to self

Not the greatest of places to be...

Endgame: There is one guy who might be able to help us though… I hesitate to go to him with my Uber Endflame missing, but somethings cannot be helped...

In Sadist Swamp, FinalActivity is at work…

FinalActivity: I’m sorry everyone…OK no I’m not, but it’s torture time!

Gagged Victims: Mmmmm! Mmmmm!

FinalActivity: Now don’t give me that! I’m thinking of tying each one of your butts to each other’s mouths and creating the perfect human centipede‼!


Kagerou Enters The Scene

Kagerou: Excuse FinalActivity…

FinalActivity: Ahhh! A Ninja! I sent the pictures of Kamui Worshippers being tortured to death to ivanhellsing like he said! Please don’t kill me!

Kagerou: …I’m here on business from Lord SpellcraftQuill…

FinalActivity: Oh…

Kagerou: He has information that Endgame is coming to put a stop to your sadistic ways…

FinalActivity: F*** no! I’ll kill him if he tries!

Kagerou: My message is delivered…have a nice day.

Team Endgame are at the edge of Sadist Swamp

Endgame: We have arrived. Now we just need to find FinalActivity…

Einvalt: Azura’s dead‼! Ahahahahahah‼!

Lazward: Will you quit that already Einvalt! Endgame-sama, are you sure about this?

Endgame: What are you worried about? FinalActivity is the best torture to ever live. He will torture HOOHAHHE’s soldier and then we will know who is behind this all…

Lazward: I mean, don’t you think he might just tie us up and torture us to death? I mean, just look around at all these tortured bodies on stakes‼!

FinalActivity's Hoard Of Nosferatu...

Endgame: …We need the help. We will have to risk it…

Enters FinalActivity with a hoard of 137 hungry Nosferatu.

FinalActivity: So you have come, just as SpellcraftQuill said you would…

Endgame: …SpellcraftQuill…?

FinalActivity: You will never end my torturous ways! YOU WILL ALL SUFFER!

Endgame: WTF!?

ivanhellsing: It’s an ambush! To arms!

The battle begins. Einvalt chops off Nosferatu arms left and right with his axe while screaming to heaven about how Azura is dead. Misha-Heart and Lazward are holding their own against the hoard as well. Aisha continues to Noseratu-Tank with Endgame as her pair up unit. Dekarus on the other hand…

Dekarus: Ahahahah! It worked so well before! Hey Nosferatu, smell Garon’s Excrements!

ivanhellsing: You idiot! Don’t you know Nosferatu love the smell of Garon‼‼

Dekarus: Oh...well, Manakete time!

The Nosferatu all charge toward Dekarus…and are burned to ashes by Dekarus in Manakete form…they drop a parallel seal and steel sword.

ivanhellsing: Hey…can I borrow those?

Dekarus: Sure!

ivanhellsing uses the Parallel Seal…and becomes a Mercenary.

ivanhellsing: I feel like I could defeat FinalActivity by myself right…you know what! I will!

ivanhellsing rushes FinalActivity, but 10 Nosferatu get in the way.

ivanhellsing: You know…this is going to make it a lot harder to keep you alive.

FinalActivity: You want me alive? I thought you guys were here to end my tortuous ways…with my death! Whatever…all you do is lie anyway. Nosferatu, attack!

By this point, only 10 of the 137 Nosferatu remain and Team Endgame has surrounded FinalActivity. Endgame uses his Fire tome and incinerates the remaining Nosferatu.

Endgame: Stop. We just want to talk.

FinalActivity: Enough with your lies! You will never end my tortuous ways!

They fight, but with Aisha as Endgame’s pair-up unit, Endgame’s magic is really high, and Ignis activates…and FinalActivity is defeated…

FinalActivity: Gah…so it all ends here…I…regret nothing…

Endgame: Uses a heal staff We want you to help us.

FinalActivity: Wait, you aren’t here to end my tortuous ways?

Endgame: No…in fact, we have need of your…talents.

FinalActivity: Oh, why didn’t you say so?

Endgame: Who do you think I am? Caeda? I need my enemies to stop swinging at me before I can talk to them since they aren't entranced by more...well, you know... Anyway, do you mind torturing a victim we have for information?
Sadistic grin by kmbmcrmy-d71py0k

Endgame's letting this guy in his party...great...

FinalActivity: Would I!? I would LOVE to! Heck, I will join you to!

Lazward: You better not torture any of us!

FinalActivity: Oh don’t worry, as long as I can bring along my “human centipede, all will be good”! :)

Everyone Else: ???

FinalActivity: Oh, don’t worry about it… Heheheheheh…

Chapter Ends

Team Endgame Unit Status: (Note, Endgame gains levels like an unpromoted unit.)

  1. Endgame: Sage: Fire Tome, Heal Staff: Level 5/40: Skills: Ignis, Magic +2, Fortune, Rally Magic
  2. Aisha: Dark Mage: Nosferatu; Level 6/20; Skills: Vengeance, Bind
  3. Einvalt: Fighter: Iron Axe, Hand Axe; Level 6/20; Skills: Counter, HP +5
  4. Dekarus: Manakete: Dragonstone, Jar of Garon's Excrements; Level 5/40: Noble Lineage, Dragon Fang
  5. Lazward: Mercenary: Steel Sword, Vulnerary: Level 5/20: Girl Lover, Stubbornness
  6. Ivanhellsing: Mercenary: Steel Sword: Level 5/20: Wrath, Defence Seal, Stubborness
  7. Misha-Heart: Samurai: Killing Edge: Level 7/20: Luna, Flowing Strike
  8. FinalActivity: Outlaw: Killer Bow: Level 10/20: Nohrian Restraint, Bind, Locktouch, Movement +1

Chapter 3: Sir Smexyness

At Uber Castle, home to Team Mavitar

Mavitar: You have finally returned SpellcraftQuill. Where in the world have you been?

SpellcraftQuill: Oh... Nowhere in particular...

PhantasticPhool: ...And where exactly is this "Nowhere in particular"?

SpellcraftQuill: I was just checking on the status of Team Latino_King... You know, with Endgame returning to his evil ways, we REALLY ought to join up with them and put down that b****** for good.

Mavitar: No.

SpellcraftQuill: What?

Mavitar: If we are to end him, we do not need Latino_King's help to do it. Also, we won't fight Endgame when he wants to fight.

SpellcraftQuill: Oh... just try saying that to Apocrypha and Cobalnite. I'm sure they will listen to reason especially after Endgame killed Azura.

PhantasticPhool: He said it to YOU, not to them.

Doc Ock evil grin

SpellcraftQuill's grin

SpellcraftQuill: Hmmm... I have to take care of something, so if you would, do take care. Smirks and Leaves

Felicia enters

Felicia: Mavitar-kun! I see that SpellcraftQuill has returned!

Mavitar: Yeah...

Felicia: Not to change the subject, but ought of curiosity, doesn't this whole situation seem odd?

Quite The Happy Couple Mavitar And Felicia Make!

Mavitar: ???

Felicia: I mean, of all the people Endgame could go after, why would he go after Azura?

Mavitar: Shrugs I don't know. Let's not do anything rash until we better understand the situation.

Felicia: In the meantime, will you hold me tight?

Mavitar: Smiles Of course my love.

Felicia: Awawawawawa!!!

Back To Team Endgame in the Sadist Swamp

Helpless Bound Kamui Worshipper: Weeeeeee! Weeeeeee!

FinalActivity: Still playing heard to get are you? Screaming like a pig isn't going to make me stop cutting into you. Now tell me what you know about this situation with Endgame and Azura. Why did HOOHAHHE's forces attack Endgame? Where is the Endflame tome? Why did Kagerou lie to me?


Just some of the tools FinalActivity has at his disposal.

Helpless Bound Kamui Worshipper: I can't tell you, I will die if I do!

FinalActivity: You won't be a man if you don't tell me... Grabs Scissors

Helpless Bound Kamui Worshipper: Is Terrified. Look! I don't know why HOOHAHHE-sama went after Endgame. I was just following orders. I don't know why Kagerou lied to you? What I do know is that Kagerou was the one that took the Endflame tome!

Endgame: I thought as much... Where is Kagerou now?

Helpless Bound Kamui Worshipper: I don't know!!!!!!!!

FinalActivity: Is that all you know?

Helpless Bound Kamui Worshipper: Nods

ivanhellsing: In that case, can I do the honors?

FinalActivity: Eh... Why not?

Helpless Bound Kamui Worshipper: Wha...

ivanhellsing beats the Helpless Bound Kamui Worshipper to death with his bare hands. While doing this, he spews out a tirade of profanity which is not fit for human consumption.


Rolling Eyes...

Lazward: Was that really necessary?

ivanhellsing: Yes!

Lazward: Rolls Eyes OK...

Endgame: ...Regardless, you mentioned FinalActivity that Kagerou mentioned SpellcraftQuill, right?

FinalActivity: Yeah, she didn't really elaborate though.

Endgame: Anyway, SpellcraftQuill is part of Team Mavitar...I wonder if he is behind this. I have never liked that p**** and he has never liked me either.

Aisha: Before we start accusing people, we really should try to find Kagerou first and get some more information.


Dekarus enjoys them...

Dekarus: Oh! Oh! I know where to look!

Einvalt: No you don't.

Dekarus:! Starts smelling Garon's Excrements.

Endgame: I am aware of a village where outlaws can be found. I bet Kagerou has worked for one of them before. They could lead us in the right direction.

Aisha: How do you know she hasn't covered her tracks?

Endgame: Because she isn't from a real Fire Emblem my dear. She must thus possess inferior intelligence!

Everyone Else: ...

Endgame: What?


Evil Lurks Here...

Lazward: Nothing...let's just be off.

Somewhere in a dark room in a cold dark alley...

Kagerou: I am in need of your...talents...

Gheb_: Oh, do you need me to shove my "long sword" up where the sun don't shine?

Kagerou: ...Actually, there is someone I know of that requires this...

Gheb_: Really! Someone is in need of the Smexyness! Who is it?

Kagerou: That would be Sir Endgame. He admitted in a drunken stir that he thirsts after you Gheb_.

Gheb_: Shocked and Blushes So he has finally come around, huh?

Kagerou: ...I hear as much...Pulls out a map He will be traveling to this village. He is being held prisoner though by "bad" men like FinalActivity.

Gheb_: Oh yeah! I'm going to rescue Endgame and make him MINE! Bahahahahahah! Gheb_ leaves...

Kagerou: ...What a disgusting man. Did I do what you asked Quilly?

SpellcraftQuill: Yes, you did wonderfully, my love...

SpellcraftQuill pulls Kagerou close to him and the two partake in a long, enjoyable, kiss...

Kagerou: I'm glad you are happy...

In "The Village of Outlaws"

Lazward: Well, we are here!


I bet Foleo wants nothing to do with this...

Aisha: Yeah, where do we...

A loud scream pierces the air

Foleo: Ehhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

Gheb_: Come here you little girl, you know you want it!

Foleo: Please stay away!

Lazward: Hands off that maiden you fat piece of s***.

Gheb_: And just who the hell are you people?

FinalActivity: We are the people who serve Lord Endgame. If you want to leave, disappear...or I will make you wish you were dead...heheheheheheh...

Gheb_: You! You are the b******* I was supposed to be waiting for before that maiden caught my eye! Give Endgame to me now so I can give him the "punishment" he admits he wants!

Endgame enters

Endgame: ...Ghhhhebbb????

Gheb_: There you are my beloved! Quick, come to me and I will...butter you up and "stab" you right where you want it!

Endgame: OMG! Everyone! Kill this motherf*****!

Gheb_: Well, of course I have f***ed many a mother...

Everyone Else: ...

Gheb_: I do get around...and don't take no for an answer...heheheheheh...

Misha-Heart: ...Let's just kill this idiot and be done with it.

Sums Up Gheb's Forces

Basically Gheb's Army...only a lot less Irish and a whole lot more full of fail...

Gheb_: Oh no you don't!!!!!

Gheb_ blows a whistle. Out come 50 bandits out of a nearby bar. They have all been drinking and are incredibly wasted. Among them are murderers, rapists, child molesters, wreckers, thugs, corrupt officials, and worst of all (in Endgame's eyes), Fire Emblem Sacred Stones fans who have "I love Gheb" shirts on.

Endgame: of Fire Emblem games that aren't real have to die. Everyone! Kill them all! Especially the f***s who are wearing the "I love Gheb" shirts!

It is a bloodbath. All of Gheb_'s forces are so wasted they can barely put up a fight. But Team Endgame offers no mercy. Foleo starts by using his weakness staff to make the enemies even more enervated. FinalActivity then notches 3 arrows in his bow and shots three of the Gheb_'s forces right in the junk...removing said Junk...and they bleed to death. FinalActivity laughs like the sadist is he at seeing this. Lazward, ivanhellsing, and Misha-Heart then jump into the fray, cutting limbs of all who get in their way. The enemies scream in terror...or try anyway...they are so wasted they just start vomiting while making a gurgling sound, similar to Kayako's since so much blood is in their throats all they can do is make this sound. Einvalt then joins in the fray and throws his hand axe that, just like a boomerang, leaves his hand and bisects two of Gheb_'s people in two. He then proceeds to keep laughing at Azura's death...since I guess he still finds it funny. What a b****. Dekarus then, powered up by his mighty jar of Garon's excrements, turns into a Manakete and breaths fire on most of Gheb_'s forces. They scream in terror, but are given no pity or sympathy. Endgame and Aisha watch this spectacle without moving. Unmoved but at least entertained. All this happened in thirty seconds.

Gheb_: !!!!!! How dare you kill my men. I'm trying to save you Endgame from a life where you don't know the joy of Gheb_!

Endgame: ...I'm content without you being a part of it.

Gheb_: You b******!

Gheb_ charges at Endgame, but fails since Aisha dual guards the hit and hits him with nosferatu, inflicting bind on him...not that Gheb_ is hard to hit mind you. Endgame then casts the fire spell on Gheb_, who is wounded but still standing. Final-Activity assists by firing an arrow that goes right up Gheb_ arsehole. He screams in pain. All of a sudden, ivanhellsing, Misha-heart, and Lazward get an idea. They surround Gheb_ in a triangle formation and attack simultaneously. They trigger a Triangle Attack! Gheb_ screams in terror and fails to his knees, as he only has 2 HP of his 45 HP left.

Gheb_: Why...why won't me...

Endgame: Bottomline, you are from a non real Fire Emblem. There are other reasons, but that is enough...

Gheb_: D*** it...

Endgame: Tell me about Kagerou, I know you know about her...

All that remains of Gheb...only imagine it is a MUCH fatter skeleton...

Gheb_: She...said you would be here...I...met her at a dark alley in Pheree...I haven't lied to you lov...

Endgame: No...

At that moment, Endgame finds an Elfire Tome from one of the corpse's charred by Dekarus. Three orbs fly around him and he attacks Gheb_ with a massive critical hit, ending his worthless life.

Endgame: ...

Aisha: So, someone else was after your heart as well...

Endgame: ?

Aisha: Oh nothing...

Foleo: Thanks for saving me!

Lazward: It was our pleasure! We would happily save a beautiful maiden like yourself!

Foleo: That's cute...but...I'm a guy.

Everyone Else: !!!!

Foleo: I to dress pretty!

Endgame: ...Regardless, we are in need of a healer. Would you mind joining us? We are trying to figure out why people think I killed Azura when I clearly didn't.

Foleo: OKAY!

Aisha: This is great! We have a healer besides Endgame now! That means Endgame-kun can be paired-up with me "all the time"...whispers under breath...and with no one else...

Chapter Ends

Team Endgame Unit Status: (Note, Endgame gains levels like an unpromoted unit.)

  1. Endgame: Sage: Elfire Tome, Fire Tome, Heal Staff: Level 6/40: Skills: Ignis, Magic +2, Fortune, Rally Magic
  2. Aisha: Dark Mage: Nosferatu; Level 8/20; Skills: Vengeance, Bind
  3. Einvalt: Fighter: Iron Axe, Hand Axe; Level 8/20; Skills: Counter, HP +5
  4. Dekarus: Manakete: Dragonstone, Jar of Garon's Excrements; Level 8/40: Noble Lineage, Dragon Fang
  5. Lazward: Mercenary: Steel Sword, Vulnerary: Level 7/20: Girl Lover, Stubbornness
  6. Ivanhellsing: Mercenary: Steel Sword: Level 7/20: Wrath, Defence Seal, Stubbornness
  7. Misha-Heart: Samurai: Killing Edge: Level 8/20: Luna, Flowing Strike
  8. FinalActivity: Outlaw: Killer Bow: Level 11/20: Nohrian Restraint, Bind, Locktouch, Movement +1
  9. Foleo: Rod Knight: Heal Staff, Weakness Staff: Level 10/20: Foul Play, Resistance +2, Distinguished Son

Chapter 4: The Legendary Bowman

SpellcraftQuill: Stop!


SpellcraftQuill's thoughts...

Endgame: Why?

SpellcraftQuill: Stop!!!!!!!!

Endgame: What? You know it is true.

SpellcraftQuill: No! It isn't!

Endgame: All your desires will end in failure. Hope is a disease of the soul! All will be reduced to nothing!

SpellcraftQuill: Ahhhhhhhh!

SpellcraftQuill wakes up yelling. Beside him is Kagerou, who is woken up by the yelling.

Kagerou: What is bothering you my love?

SpellcraftQuill: I'm just remembering why I hate that Endgame b****.

Kagerou: You ought to let it go. He will be taken care of soon enough.

SpellcraftQuill: I guess so...

The sun breaks through their window at Uber Castle.

Kagerou: Morning already? In that case, I have to return to Pheree. Hopefully we get to spend more time together later. Also, don't you need to talk to Latino_King about Gheb_?

SpellcraftQuill: Oh crude! I forgot about that useless turd dying. I guess I will teleport to Dawn Castle then...

Kagerou: See you later!

A few hours later.

SpellcraftQuill: Latino_King!

Latino_King: Well, you are here on short notice. Effie and Orochi are going to shortly walk all over my back, and they won't be wearing shoes!

SpellcraftQuill: ...Tell me, have you heard about Gheb_?

Latino_King: I heard Endgame killed him... I'm not sure how to feel about that. I never liked him, but he sure did love me...and we did do it once...

SpellcraftQuill: :( Don't you see what Endgame is doing!!!!

Latino_King: No...

SpellcraftQuill: He's trying to tie up loose ends! His original plan was to turn you over to Gheb_! Since the rumor got out, he must have decided to eliminate Gheb_ so that you wouldn't believe the rumors!

Latino_King: Shrugs That COULD be true and considering he killed Azura, things have been getting crazy, but...what are you getting at Quilly!?

SpellcraftQuill: It was Azura a few days ago. It was Gheb_ yesterday. Who do you think it is going to be tomorrow?

Latino_King: I heard Mavitar sent someone to meet with Endgame. I would like to see what happens with the meeting.

SpellcraftQuill: Wait! WHO DID HE SEND!?

Latino_King: Laughs Mavitar is your boss. Shouldn't you be aware of the meetings he sets up? Anyway, I heard it was PhantasticPhool. He was sent out earlier this morning.


You wouldn't want to keep this lovely lady waiting...would you?

SpellcraftQuill: ...So you won't help deal with the Endgame threat while it is...nascent?

Latino_King: Well, I...

Orochi/Effie: Latino-kun! We are ready to step on you!

FloraTheMaid: Mind if I...join in as well?

Latino_King: :) Sorry Quilly, but I don't want to keep my ladies waiting! Let's talk later!

SpellcraftQuill: Grrrr...

Back to Team Endgame, who spent the night in Gheb_'s former fortress.

FinalActivity: Ahahahahahah! I feel so good!

Lazward: You spent the WHOLE night torturing the survivors of Gheb_'s army! You didn't even sleep!

FinalActivity: Who needs sleep when I can torture! Bahahahahahahah!!!

Foleo: Lazward...are you sure he is safe to be around?

Lazward: I wouldn't worry about him too much, he hasn't tortured any of his allies...yet...

Foleo: :( I'll take that as a no... Hey Dekarus, what are you doing?

Dekarus: I'm smelling Gheb_ excrements. They don't smell as good as Garon's, but they have a fine smell to them!

Foleo: :( Hey Einvalt, what are you up today. You seem happy...

Einvalt: Ah! Hi Foleo! Every day that Azura is dead is another amazing day to be alive. I thank Endgame for killing her every night before I go to bed!


ivanhellsing gets it. Foleo should get it soon.

Foleo: ...Endgame DIDN'T kill Azura though.

Einvalt: I saw someone that at least looks like Endgame kill Azura. Close enough to me...

Foleo: Why does Endgame hang around with such weird characters?

ivanhellsing: Says the crossdresser...

Foleo: Frowns Well EXCUSE ME for wanting to actually take care of my skin and hair and excuse me for wanting to look pretty!

ivanhellsing: Whatever you say man!

Misha-Heart: Hey everyone! Shut up! Someone with troops is approaching!

Endgame: ? Who is it?

Approaching Endgame's group is a renowed legendary bowman with high stats and the skills Movement+1, Pass, Counter, Miracle, and Astra. He has a Silver Yumi. He is PhantasticPhool.

PhantasticPhool: I demand to speak with Endgame now!

Endgame: I'm right here.

PhantasticPhool: Mavitar has sent me... We demand to know what's going on! Why have you killed Lady Azura!

Endgame: I didn't kill Azura! I don't know why people think I killed Azura, but I didn't!

PhantasticPhool: ...Why should I believe you?

Endgame: Why would I lie?

If this guy came out laughing at someone you cared about being dead, what would you do?

PhantasticPhool: Because you are a troll and trolls love to lie...

Endgame: ...Regardless, I didn't kill Azura. If I was going to kill someone, it would be someone like...

Just then Einvalt arrives on the scene.

Einvalt: Bahahahahah! Azura's dead! Ahahahahahah!!!!!!!! What a great day to be alive! Bahahahahah!!!

PhantasticPhool: !!!!!!! That vile demon is among your forces!? I have no further need of proof. Azura's death is certainly your group's doing!

Endgame: He's just a hater, I didn't kil...

PhantasticPhool: Silence!!!!!! Fires an arrow at Endgame! Everyone! Kill them all!

Endgame barely dodges the arrow, which slightly cuts his cheek. PhantasticPhool's fellow bowman rain arrows into the sky, although Endgame responds with a massive Elfire blast, vaporizing all of the arrows before they reach the ground.

Article-0-1A21A208000005DC-315 306x423

You should wear one of these around Dekarus...especially when he has "the jar".

Endgame: Dekarus now!

Dekarus immediately throws several jars into the middle of PhantasticPhool's forces, which are filled with Gheb_'s newly obtained excrements. Dekarus's men scream at smelling the awful stench, which is so terrible that it burns their eyes! On cue, all of Endgame's forces put on gas masks.

Endgame: Listen, I need to talk to PhantasticPhool! Knock out his forces while they are enervated by the stench!

Everyone Else: Got it!

Foleo spams the weakness staff again, weakening the forces that PhantasticPhool has. Despite the terrible stench and being weakened though, none of them fall to the ground. Aisha then uses nosferatu to start absorbing their energy. Some of PhantasticPhool's troops begin to drop. Lazward, ivanhellsing, and Misha-Heart then come in with training swords and smash them into the side of many heads and sides. Jaws and bones are broken and people are knocked out, but suddenly PhantasticPhool jumps out of the "stench cloud" by jumping through his troops using his pass skill and fires 5 arrows via Astra at Einvalt, who he despises for laughing at the dead. 3 of the arrows miss, but Einvalt is pierced by 2 arrows with one nailing him in his left bicep and one through his right thigh, and Einvalt falls to the ground in pain. Endgame then launches a fire attack at PhantasticPhool while he is in the air, but oddly enough, it goes around him, leaving him a path to escape.

PhantasticPhool: Heheheh! Endy must be growing old. Not only did he miss me, but I have a way out of the attack!

PhantasticPhool goes through the path to escape the fire attack using his speed from his +1 Movement skill...which is according to Endgame's plan. Dekarus in his Manakete form greets him along the escape path, and proceeds to smash him right in the face with his dragon tail. PhantasticPhool loses consciousness and then goes limp.

Several hours later.

PhantasticPhool: Urgh...

Foleo: Are you up yet?

PhantasticPhool: ???

PhantasticPhool sits up quickly, remembering the previous battle. His chest though hurts from Dekarus's tail bashing against him.

PhantasticPhool: Ouch!

Foleo: Careful...

PhantasticPhool quickly grabs Foleo by the collar.

PhantasticPhool: Ugh... Where are my troops!

Foleo: Don't worry. None were killed in the battle. Some have broken jaws and bones but I healed all the serious injuries.

PhantasticPhool: Why!? Why didn't you kill anyone.

Foleo: ...Endgame said not to.

PhantasticPhool: Why?

Endgame: To give weight to what I have to say now.

Endgame enters.

PhantasticPhool: Glares You... You stole Azura's life, don't think this will change things, especially in the eyes of Apocrypha and Cobalnite.

Endgame: Frowns If I really was the kind of person that killed innocent people for fun, then why haven't I killed you?


I mean, I REALLY, REALLy like to troll people.

PhantasticPhool: ...

Endgame: I mean, I love to troll people and all...but I would never kill anyone such as the beloved Lady


PhantasticPhool: You really didn't kill her?

Endgame: I didn't. I don't know if things are connected or not, but I strongly believe that...there might be someone setting me up.

PhantasticPhool: Do you know who?

Endgame: ...Can you give me more time? I have suspicions but no proof. Once I go to Pheree, I might be able to prove I didn't kill Azura. Can you wait until then?

PhantasticPhool: ...Fine. I will tell Mavitar what happened here. You BETTER not make me regret not killing you.

Endgame: ...:) You aren't in a position to kill anyone right now...

PhantasticPhool: Urgh... Just...I will be going unless you are going to stop me.

Endgame: No...

PhantasticPhool leaves with his standing although exhausted and battered forces.

Aisha: Endgame! Why didn't you tell him about Kagerou and SpellcraftQuill?

Endgame: ...The truth is, if I reveal that, people might find out I don't have the Endflame tome right now. I mean, Mavitar doesn't like me as it is and I SURE don't like him. If he senses that I am not at full strength, he may strike regardless of whether I killed Azura or not... Besides, SpellcraftQuill is part of Team Mavitar and Kagerou "we believe" works under SpellcraftQuill. If I accuse one of Mavitar's own people of the setup, I might end up provoking Mavitar, especially if I have no proof on old Quilly...

Aisha: I see...

Endgame: Once I have Endflame though, I can afford to be more assertive. For now, let's go to Pheree.

Aisha: Lead the way!

Einvalt: Wait!

Endgame: ?

Einvalt: Why the hell didn't you let me cleave that guy's soldiers in two?

Endgame: It would make PhantasticPhool less likely to listen to me telling him I didn't kill Azura.

Einvalt: You did though! I saw you! More importantly though, because you wouldn't let me just cleave that dip s*** in two, I got two arrows in me!

Dekarus: Hey, I got hurt too you know when my tail hit that guy. He had counter and I was knocked out as well, but you don't hear me complaining about it.

Einvalt: Shut up you s*** smeller!

Dekarus: Frowns

Endgame: ...I'm sorry.

Einvalt: Heheheheheh... "I'm sorry!" That is what he says... Heheheheh. Whatever man. Just so we are clear from now on, if someone is firing arrows at us...YOU WILL F****** LET ME BISECT THEM IN TWO! GOT IT!!!

Endgame: ...Once we get to Pheree, this should all be over.

Einvalt: You better hope so...for your sake.

They set off for Pheree. Elsewhere, in a dark room under a full moon.

Evil Gathering

Evil Ones...

SpellcraftQuill: I am glad that both of you could meet with me on such short notice. I...know you both have reasons to hate Endgame.

EndKingPeach: Hate? I think you mean want to rip his f***ing head off.

LatinoEndgame: Yeah... That b**** needs to die. Now what the hell do you want?

SpellcraftQuill: Oh, we will get along alright... Smiles Menacingly.

Chapter Ends

Team Endgame Unit Status: (Note, Endgame gains levels like an unpromoted unit.)

  1. Endgame: Sage: Elfire Tome, Fire Tome, Heal Staff: Level 8/40: Skills: Ignis, Magic +2, Fortune, Rally Magic
  2. Aisha: Dark Mage: Nosferatu; Level 10/20; Skills: Vengeance, Bind, Devilish Wind
  3. Einvalt: Fighter: Iron Axe, Hand Axe; Level 9/20; Skills: Counter, HP +5
  4. Dekarus: Manakete: Dragonstone, Jar of Garon's Excrements; Level 9/40: Noble Lineage, Dragon Fang
  5. Lazward: Mercenary: Steel Sword, Vulnerary: Level 9/20: Girl Lover, Stubbornness, Patient Assurance
  6. Ivanhellsing: Mercenary: Steel Sword: Level 10/20: Wrath, Defence Seal, Stubbornness
  7. Misha-Heart: Samurai: Killing Edge: Level 10/20: Luna, Flowing Strike, Vantage
  8. FinalActivity: Outlaw: Killer Bow: Level 12/20: Nohrian Restraint, Bind, Locktouch, Movement +1
  9. Foleo: Rod Knight: Heal Staff, Weakness Staff: Level 13/20: Foul Play, Resistance +2, Distinguished Son

This is meant to map who will be on what side of the conflict.

Chapter 5: Whose Children?

Returning to SpellcraftQuill, LatinoEndgame, and EndKingPeach in Uber Castle

SpellcraftQuill: I understand that you two are both Latino_King and Endgame's...for lack of a better word..."children". However, I hear Endgame doesn't give a damn about you guys at all and wishes you would both disappear. Am I correct?

LatinoEndgame: ...At least Latino_King lets us stay in his castle. Endgame won't even tolerate us in his presence. B****.

EndKingPeach: What do you want with us anyway?

SpellcraftQuill: I assume you have heard about Endgame killing Azura and being on the run...

EndKingPeach: Ya...

SpellcraftQuill: I am also aware that Endgame currently isn't at full power... You see, his Endflame tome...has gone...missing.

Both of them: !!!

SpellcraftQuill: Considering Endgame is a pariah right now...

LatinoEndgame: You mean he wasn't before?

SpellcraftQuill: :) True, true, but now everyone seems to hold something against him and he is in a weakened, want to help me end his miserable life?


The twins see their chance for vengeance and aren't going to let it slip away.

Both of them: They smile. Of course!

SpellcraftQuill: Excellent. I will be providing an army and "special weapons" for you to defeat Endgame. You will find him on his way to Pheree...I wonder why is he going there...anyway, I have another meeting to attend to, so let me know when the dark deed is done. :)

In the Uber Castle Throne Room, Mavitar and his team are present.

Mavitar: Welcome back PhantasticPhool. I am surprised at the battered state of your troops. What happened?

PhantasticPhool: Well I...

Felicia: Mavitar-kun! Latino_King is at the front gate! He says he wishes to know what PhantasticPhool learned!

SpellcraftQuill: !!!!!!! Under his breath he says, "Why the hell is that b**** here?"

Council of Elrond - FOTR

Everyone Has Arrived...

Mavitar: !!! Let him in...

Latino_King and his team enter.

Latino_King: Well met Mavitar.

Mavitar: Hi....

Felicia: Hi Flora! I have missed you so much!

FloraTheMaid: It has been sometime. Have you been well?

Felicia: Yes, I have been so happy with Mavitar-kun!

FloraTheMaid: Good to know...

Felicia: Have you been alright hanging around people like Acerola-orion?

All of these ladies surely loved it!

FloraTheMaid: Shrugs I'm fine when he doesn't stick his face in my butt!

Acerola-orion: Oh come on! That was one time, and you know you loved it!

FloraTheMaid: Slaps Acerola-orion Do it again and you're dead...

ChenYakumo: Mmmmmm...that would make some excellent smut. Face on butt action is the way to go!

FloraTheMaid: Not you too!

PlasmaStar: Guys, can we focus on the problem at hand!?

Technickal1: Yeah, we didn't come here to show off our lewd people for Naga's sake...

Latino_King: Smiles If it is alright with you Mavitar, can we listen in on what PhantasticPhool has to say. I want to know what is up with dear old Endy...

Mavitar: ...Fine. PhantasticPhool, can you tell us about your encounter?

PhantasticPhool: Yes, Endgame recently had killed that vile human being known as Gheb_ and was staying at his fort. I demanded to see Endgame at once to get answers about Lady Azura's fate. Endgame denied killing Azura and yet by his side was Einvalt:

Cobalnite: F*** that guy.

Apocrypha: Isn't that proof enough he killed Lady Azura? No one on the face of the planet hates Lady Azura more...except Endgame apparently.

PhantasticPhool: My thoughts exactly. Einvalt was laughing at the top of his lungs at Azura being dead and I just lost it. It was evidence enough for me that Endgame killed Azura...and yet...

Mavitar: What?

PhantasticPhool: Well, we fought...and I was defeated regrettably. However, Endgame spared all of my troops...not a single person died.

Latino_King: Interesting

PhantasticPhool: Furthermore, Foleo has joined Endgame and he believes what Endgame said about not killing Azura.

LimboStudios: ...He is a righteous but young lad. He is easily deceived by people with malicious intentions.

PhantasticPhool: Maybe. However, Endgame approached me after the battle and said again he didn't kill Azura. He said that he thinks someone has set him up and he has an idea who...


SpellcraftQuill hopes this isn't the case!

SpellcraftQuill: Under his breath F***

Apocrypha: Who is it!?

PhantasticPhool: He refused to say.

Mavitar: Heh. You are telling me that he denies murdering Azura, which we all saw, and then refuses to tell you who really killed her?

PhantasticPhool: Ya. He said he has suspicions though. He said he would potentially have proof after going to Pheree.

SpellcraftQuill: !!!

Mavitar: Is there anything else to report?

PhantasticPhool: No

Mavitar: Ugh...what the hell is going on...

SpellcraftQuill: Endgame is just trying to deceive us! He left PhantasticPhool alive only so that he would lure us all into a false sense of security! We must not fall for this "cute act".

Mavitar: ...

Latino_King: ...

Flare_Sorrow: Does it really matter? I mean, don't we all hate Endgame anyway? Let's just kill him and be done with it! If he killed Azura, she is avenged. Even if he didn't, we are still doing the world a favor...

Mavitar: I need time to think about this. I don't like Endgame at all either, but...something...feels off.

Latino_King: What are you up to Endy...

SpellcraftQuill: ...

A few hours later, after Latino_King's group leaves. In a dark room in Uber Castle...

LimboStudios: Endgame must know something. I mean, why else would he be going exactly where Kagerou and by extension the Endflame tome are?

SpellcraftQuill: ...We need to accelerate our plan. Endgame's "children" should be able to handle him, and Kagerou likely can if they can't...but, I feel that this Einvalt and Flare_Sorrow both are...sympathetic to our cause...

LimboStudios: What do you have in mind?

SpellcraftQuill: will see. :)

Returning to Team Endgame, the team has left Gheb_'s former base of operations and are traveling toward Pheree. However, to get to Pheree, one must travel through the Celica Peaks and through neutral territory that has been historically hostile to any of the three teams.  They have presently arrived in the Celica Peaks

Lazward: …And so, I said, “What is the opposite of Christopher Walking?”


The type of humor Lazward likes...

Foleo: I don’t know…


Everyone Else: …

Dekarus: That is in terrible tastes!

Lazward: Hahahahahahahah‼‼ I just love dark humor!

FinalActivity: And I like tying people up and making them go, “Weeee‼!  Weeeee‼!”

Foleo: ‼‼!

ivanhellsing: You are all so stupid.

Misha-Heart: Says the guy who likewise tortured that Kamui Worshipper to death!

ivanhellsing: Ehhhh... The world is better off without him!

Misha-Heart: Smiles If you say so.

At the front of the pack

Aisha: Everyone seems to be getting along.

Endgame: Yep. Despite Lazward and Foleo not being from real Fire Emblems, their poor decision making is surprisingly at a minimum...

Aisha: Shrugs OK...You know Endgame...what do you think of Effie?

Endgame: Isn't she Latino_King's main squeeze?

Aisha: I heard you and her were...acting inappropriately.

Endgame: Frowns Who said that?

Aisha: Someone I met at the party where Azura died. I didn't get the name.

Endgame: Think nothing of it.

Aisha: Also, you and Gheb_...

Endgame: HEY! Don't think there was anything between us. I mean, I hear he and Latino_King boned each other when the latter was drunk, but...I have never had anything to do with Gheb_. I mean, I KILLED him after all.

Aisha: What about you and Latino_King?

Endgame: Aisha, is something going on that we need to talk about?

Aisha: Well I...ENDGAME, GET DOWN!


Similar to this, but it shots awesome magic.

Aisha and Endgame fall to the ground. Above their hands fly magic ballista shots that cause a large amount of damage upon hitting the mountainside.

Endgame: WTF!

EndKingPeach: Damn! We missed him!

LatinoEndgame: If only that damn loli hadn't warned him!

Aisha: I am not a loli!

Endgame: What are you two b******s doing here?

EndKingPeach: Hey... Our father is calling his own sons b******s? That's cute.

Aisha: Sons???

LatinoEndgame: A little birdy told us that you don't have the Endflame tome right now..."father"... Guess what that means?

EndKingPeach: It means that this is it for you!

Endgame: Damn it. Everyone! To arms!

With EndKingPeach swinging his hand in the air, soldiers on wyverns surround Team Endgame. In addition, the Magic Ballista squad continue firing shells at the team. Endgame quickly uses precision shots from his Fire tome to stop the shells in the air. When the wyverns are in range, Einvalt just loses it. Angry as hell from his previous injury sustained in the previous battle, he scores critical after critical on the incoming wyvern riding units. The fact they are all wielding lances makes this an easy feat. Any damage Einvalt sustains is returned thanks to his counter skill, and Foleo heals any injuries he sustains. While this is going on, FinalActivity is laughing like a madman, firing arrow after arrow into the wings of the wyverns, watching as wyvern and rider together fall to a horrible death into the crevices of the valleys they are flying over. Dekarus meanwhile has turned into a Manakete and has flown ahead to attack the men manning the magic ballista devices. Dekarus is highly immune to magic in his state and nails Dragon Fang several times, ripping apart the men manning the turrets. With the turrets gone and with Einvalt, FinalActivity, and Foleo dispatching the wyvern riders; Endgame, Aisha, Lazward, ivanhellsing, and Misha-Heart advance, coming face to face with EndKingPeach and Latino_Endgame.

EndKingPeach: Heheheheh... Look who it is.

They imagine that Endgame would do this to them when they were younger.

LatinoEndgame: Our dear, dear, s***y parent.

Endgame: I don't want to have anything to do with you!

EndKingPeach: You brought us into this f****** world damnit! What f****** choice did you have?

LatinoEndgame: At least Latino_King bothered to give us shelter when we needed it! You just abandoned us you c***!

Endgame: I didn't bring you into this world! Anyway, if that is how you feel EndKingPeach, I am glad to "undo my mistake".

Aisha: ...

Wallow flames Color t670

Pity that the scope of a battle is often decided by its collateral damage...

Much like their "father", both of the twins are Sages who use fire based magic as well. They both use the Copycat Puppet with EndKingPeach having a clone of LatinoEndgame be his pairup partner and vice versa. The paired up EndKingPeach challenges Endgame, who is paired up with Aisha while the paired up LatinoEndgame challenges Lazward, ivanhellsing, and Misha-Heart. Endgame and Aisha cannot seem to gain a definite advantage over the paired up EndKingPeach, but their fire magic scorches the surrounding mountain side, igniting trees all around them.

EndKingPeach: What's wrong "father"? Are you nothing without your precious Endflame tome?

Endgame: Ugh...

LatinoEndgame on the other hand doesn't fare as well. Despite nailing Lazward with a fire spell and clipping ivanhellsing and Misha-Heart with an Elfire attack, the three position themselves around him in a triangle formation, and unleash a devastating triangle attack. The clone of EndKingPeach blocks one of the three swipes, but LatinoEndgame is struck through the chest with Misha-Heart's Killing Edge and Lazward's Steel Sword. He screams in pain and his clone paired up to EndKingPeach disintegrates.

LatinoEndgame: Ahhhhhhhh! It hurts!

EndKingPeach: My brother!

EndKingPeach's clone disintegrates on command with EndKingPeach teleporting himself and LatinoEndgame to a cliff high above the group.

EndKingPeach: Don't think this is over "father"! Right LatinoEndgame!?

LatinoEndgame: ...

EndKingPeach: !!! LatinoEndgame!????


Endgame should take his advice.

LatinoEndgame: ...

EndKingPeach: You b****es! You killed my brother. F*** you "father"! "F*** you!"

The remaining wyvern mounted troops scoop EndKingPeach and LatinoEndgame's corpse away. EndKingPeach locks hateful eyes on Endgame till EndKingPeach is out of sight.

Dekarus: Should I pursue them?

Endgame: Don't bother. Even with your power, I fear you would get into trouble alone again wyvern mounted troops and EndKingPeach...

Aisha: Endgame...

Endgame: What is it?

Aisha: I wasn't aware you had children...

Endgame: I don't have children.

Aisha: But they said...

Endgame: It is all Latino_King's fault anyway!

Aisha: I don't understand...

Endgame: Urgh... Latino_King had this "wonderful" idea when drunk one time to take my DNA from my saliva on a cup I drank from and fuse it with his own DNA and create "children" using ChenYakumo's weird magic. He didn't even tell me! Latino_King thought it would bring us closer together, but it forced responsibility on me I didn't want! They are Latino_King's creations only and aren't my children damnit. If only he didn't get drunk so much, he wouldn't have created those brats. Anyway, they are HIS responsibility f***ing damnit!

Aisha: I see...

Endgame: Shrugs Let's just continue toward Pheree...

Aisha: OK

Chapter Ends

Team Endgame Unit Status: (Note, Endgame gains levels like an unpromoted unit.)

  1. Endgame: Sage: Elfire Tome, Fire Tome, Heal Staff: Level 10/40: Skills: Ignis, Magic +2, Fortune, Rally Magic
  2. Aisha: Dark Mage: Nosferatu; Level 11/20; Skills: Vengeance, Bind, Devilish Wind
  3. Einvalt: Fighter: Iron Axe, Hand Axe; Level 12/20; Skills: Counter, HP +5, Roundhouse
  4. Dekarus: Manakete: Dragonstone, Jar of Garon's Excrements; Level 10/40: Noble Lineage, Dragon Fang, Odd Rhythm
  5. Lazward: Mercenary: Steel Sword, Vulnerary: Level 10/20: Girl Lover, Stubbornness, Patient Assurance
  6. ivanhellsing: Mercenary: Steel Sword: Level 11/20: Wrath, Defence Seal, Stubbornness, Patient Assurance
  7. Misha-Heart: Samurai: Killing Edge: Level 12/20: Luna, Flowing Strike, Vantage
  8. FinalActivity: Outlaw: Killer Bow: Level 14/20: Nohrian Restraint, Bind, Locktouch, Movement +1
  9. Foleo: Rod Knight: Heal Staff: Level 14/20: Foul Play, Resistance +2, Distinguished Son

Chapter 6: A Secret Romance

After being defeated and his brother passing away, EndKingPeach, Latino_King and Endgame's "child", returns to Dawn Castle with his brother's body in his the front gate...

EndKingPeach: Open up!

Technickal1: Oh... It's you. Wait is that...

EndKingPeach: It's my brother! He's dead because of Endgame! Let me in the f****** castle NOW!!!!

Technickal1: ...Fine...

In the throne room.

FloraTheMaid: Umm... this a bad time?

Effie: It kind of is. We were whispering words of lust into each others' ears before...tonight...

Orochi: Ya. Heheheheh...

Latino_King: Well...what is it FloraTheMaid?

FloraTheMaid: Well EndKingPeach...

EndKingPeach breaks down the doors into the throne room and places LatinoEndgame's body on the ground.

EndKingPeach: Look at you! Your son is dead, and here you are pleasuring yourself with your lady friends!

Latino_King: !!! LatinoEndgame is dead!? How did this happen?

EndKingPeach: That f*** wit Endgame! If only you had f****** killed that worthless b**** LatinoEndgame would still be alive! Why the hell didn't you kill him ages ago!!!?

Latino_King: I... EndKingPeach...can you tell me exactly how this happened?

EndKingPeach: Who cares!!! LatinoEndgame is dead! Endgame killed him. Are you going to do anything about it or just keep being a lewd piece of s***!?

Latino_King: ...

EndKingPeach yelling at Latino_King...

Orochi: EndKingPeach: Calm down. We need to understand...

EndKingPeach: Shut up!

Orochi: Eeep...

Latino_King: EndKingPeach... Calm down. Don't take your anger out on people that haven't done anything to you. Now will you tell me exactly what...

EndKingPeach: F*** you! F*** you! F*** you! F*** all of you!

EndKingPeach spits in Latino_King's face, throws a huge tirade of expletives at everyone in the room, and then storms out of the room, leaving LatinoEndgame's body at Latino_King's feet. Latino_King looks at what is left of his son in a stunned state. The rest of the people in the room look at Latino_King solemnly.

Latino_King: ...LatinoEndgame...Endgame...

Effie: Latino_King-kun...

Latino_King: ...Does any of this makes sense to any of you?

Everyone Else: ...

Latino_King: Endgame apparently killed Azura, LatinoEndgame...

Acerola-orion: And Gheb_...

Latino_King: ...and Gheb_...yet, Endgame spared PhantasticPhool and his troops. I need to talk to EndKingPeach when he calms down...

Technical1 enters

Technickal1: I'm afraid that is unlikely...

Latino_King: What?

Technickal1: EndKingPeach teleported after he ran out of this room. Who knows when he will be back.

Latino_King: Damn...

PlasmaStar: Um... Latino_King? I know this is a bad time, but... I need to go to the neutral lands by Pheree.

Latino_King: !!! What business would you have there?

PlasmaStar: I...alright...I have been "seeing someone" and...haven't seen her in a little while...I know that the Endgame situation is volatile...but...

Latino_King: Go...

PlasmaStar: Huh...?

Latino_King: We can't let Endgame decide when we get to see the ones we love. Things will be fine till you return.

PlasmaStar: Thanks

PlasmaStar departs.

Latino_King: ...I need to bury LatinoEndgame. I will be back in a moment...


I bet ChenYakumo isn't sorry though...

Latino_King leaves with LatinoEndgame's corpse...

ChenYakumo: So...should I write some smut about necrophilia?

FloraTheMaid slaps him

FloraTheMaid: Too soon!

Near the Neutral Lands At The Moment; Returning To Team Endgame...Someone is dreaming of the past...

ivanhellsing: I can't believe this!

Apocrypha: Please try to understand...

ivanhellsing: What is to understand? Why should we affiliate the Church of Azura with Mavitar? As the founder of this organization, I won't stand for this!!!

Cobalnite: Listen, I know that you have loyalty to Endgame, but most people hate the guy. We don't want to associate the Church of Azura with either Endgame or Latino_King. Yet, we need support in the event of war if we are to survive...that just leaves Mavitar's side.

ivanhellsing: I can't stand that long before Azura is forced to wear a Meido custom!? Huh!? How long before we are forced to worship Felicia? Huh!?

Apocrypha: Hate to say it, have to make a choice. All of the rest of the members agree that affiliating with Mavitar is the way to go... You are the only voice of opposition. Even if you are the founder of this organization, we have an obligation that this Church will survive in war. Either you leave Endgame and join Mavitar and thus stay with the Church of Azura...or you go with Endgame and leave this Church...

ivanhellsing: ...

Sometime later.

ivanhellsing: Damn it all...

Azura: ivanhellsing, we are having a good day today, aren't we?

ivanhellsing: Azura-sama...

Azura: You look troubled. Can you tell what is bothering you?

ivanhellsing: ...You know...I will always appreciate you no matter how far we are apart...right?

Azura: ??? ivanhellsing...

ivanhellsing: I'm sorry, but...I hope I see you again some day...

ivanhellsing wakes up.

ivanhellsing: ...Azura-sama...

Foleo: Are you alright?

ivanhellsing: It's alright...I just...was remembering something that happened a long time ago.

Foleo: Oh...

ivanhellsing: ...I know Endgame...he wouldn't harm Lady Azura...I will find out who really killed her...for HER sake.

Foleo: ...

ivanhellsing: I'm going out for some air...

ivanhellsing goes for a walk, but...he comes across Einvalt...

Einvalt: Ah! Another amazing day where Azura is no longer with us! What a glorious day to be alive!

ivanhellsing: ...Hey!

Einvalt: What!?

ivanhellsing: I thought I gave you enough time to "forget" about the Azura situation and move onto something else! When are you going to shut the f*** up already you f****** idiot!?

Einvalt: Shrugs What's eating you? You sound like those scum that are part of that s***y a** church. Heheheheh! They must be so happy! Now they have a "new saint"! Bahahahah!!!

Polls beavis and butt head fighting 0750 341909 poll xlarge

Like this...only a lot more brutal...

ivanhellsing: ....!!!!!!!

ivanhellsing gets up and smashes his fist into the side of Einvalt's face. Einvalt is taken aback for a second but immediately lunges at ivanhellsing and a slugfest develops.

Foleo: Someone! Help!

Dekarus: What the heck?

Endgame: You two! Stop fighting!

Misha-Heart: Pull them apart damnit!

They are pulled apart. Foleo and Dekarus grab Einvalt while Endgame and Misha-Heart grab Einvalt. ivanhellsing calms down, but Einvalt does not.

Einvalt: Gahhhh! What the f*** is wrong with that guy!

ivanhellsing: ...

Endgame: Mind telling me what that was about?

Einvalt: if you would do anything about it!


Einvalt feels similarly...

ivanhellsing: ...

Endgame: Not going to tell me huh? I hope you two are done.

Einvalt: Under his breath...worthless b****es...

Endgame: Anyway, we are almost in neutral territory. We need to be on our best behavior unless we want to get into an unnecessary battle...

In Neutral Territory At the Moment


Well they seem happy together!

PlasmaStar: I'm here beloved.

Pieri: PlasmaStar! Pieri has missed you so much! I bet you want some of my cooking don't you!

They kiss

PlasmaStar: You bet. I just...listen, I will talk to Latino_King...if he understands that you aren't after him or something he won't mind if you and I are together in Dawn Castle...alright?

Pieri: Awawawa! You are so cute. Pieri doesn't care how far we are apart though. I'm sure Latino_King will get over our "former antagonism". Besides, it was that Endgame's fault anyway for pushing that "stupid pairing" for so bloody long! Pieri doesn't even like Latino_King! Anyway, once this situation is sorted out...we can make "candy" together. Heheheheheh!

PlasmaStar: Blushes Oh, let's get it on!

Pieri: Not right now! I have my buddies coming over.

PlasmaStar: "Buddies"?

The "buddies" enter.

wind64a: Hi Pieri!

Gwonam_is_Bae: How has it been!

wind64a and Gwonam_is_Bae guard the neutral lands. Gwonam_is_Bae is an outlaw with a fierce reputation in battle, and wind64a is a knight...who like hard to notice...

Pieri: Hey guys! PlasmaStar is here! We were just about to eat. Want to join us?

Both: Sure!

Random Guardsmen: Everyone, an odd group is approaching the neutral lands! You are requested to return to your posts!

Pieri: Awawawa! We were just about to eat! Pieri wants to eat!

PlasmaStar: ...Come on...let's just get this over with. I will go with you afterall!

Pieri: Okay!

Returning to Team Endgame

Endgame: We are at the Neutral Lands at last.

Aisha: Everyone is staring at us...

Endgame: It can't be helped. The Neutral Lands have maintained their

neutrality by keeping foreigners out...

Someone ought to...

Foleo: ???

Endgame: I mean...they consider that foreigners have malicious intentions...and thus breed conflict...which hurts their efforts to be neutral. Thus, they keep people out...

FinalActivity: Heheheheh...bunch of b****es.

Endgame: ...With people like you around, I guess I can't blame them. Still, hopefully we can avoid an unnecessary fight...

wind64a: You there! Freeze!

Endgame: ???

Gwonam_is_Bae: Why have you come to the Neutral Lands? You know outsiders are not wanted here...

Aisha: ...

Endgame: We just want to pass through...we want to go to Pheree. Please just let us pass.

wind64a: You! Aren't you Endgame? Why are you here! We don't need someone who murdered an innocent lady like Azura in cold blood in our lands! Leave at once!

Aisha: Please... Endgame didn't kill Azura. He has been framed for this. The people who are responsible are likely in Pheree. We need to bring them to justice and clear Endgame's name. Please, if we can't get to Pheree, terrible forces at work could cause even more harm...

wind64a: ...

Gwonam_is_Bae: ...

Endgame: If you want, we can pass around the town instead of through it. But, there is no other quick way to get to us pass.

wind64a: I don't see any reason we should stop these people.

Gwonam_is_Bae: In that case, let's...

Pieri: Ahhhh! It's Endgame!

PlasmaStar: What?

Endgame: Pieri...and you serve Latino_King.

PlasmaStar: Everyone! This b****** has mocked Pieri and spread malicious lies about her having a relationship with Latino_King! He also recently killed his own son in cold blood!

Endgame: Hey! My war with King and thus Pieri is over, and those two "sons" of mine attacked me with intentions to kill me! I was defending myself!

Pieri: Pieri doesn't care! Pieri hates you! Pieri wants to cut you open and bathe in your blood! Ahahahah!!! Punish! Punish!

Endgame: Gah! To arms!


They have the right idea.

Many, many lancers rally around the team of PlasmaStar, Pieri, wind64a, and Gwonam_is_Bae. Dekarus instinctively throws Garon's Jar of Excrements which is opened into the group of soldiers...but they all put on gas masks.

Dekarus: ...What?

PlasmaStar: Heheh... Don't think that will work. PhantasticPhool told us all about your "strategy".

Endgame: PhantasticPhool? But he is part of Team Mavitar!

PlasmaStar: Latino_King and Mavitar had a meeting discussing you... They haven't decided to end your worthless a** yet, but I see no reason why I can't destroy you here! Now! Rally Spectrum!!!!!!

Endgame utilizes a fire tome, Dekarus in his Manakete form breaths fire, and Aisha uses Nosferatu. The enemies' resistance is high though due to the Rally Spectrum, so that the effect is minimal... Einvalt takes a swing at wind64a, although wind64a's speed from the Rally Spectrum helps him to dodge most of the blow with his newly defense making the blow ultimately pointless. wind64a responds with a quick, powerful lance thrust that cuts Einvalt along his right arm. FinalActivity fires a Luna charged arrow at Gwonam_is_Bae, but his speed proves to be too much, with him dodging the blow and responding with an arrow of his own, which pierces FinalActivity through the shoulder. Lazward, ivanhellsing, and Misha-Heart attempt the triangle attack maneuver on PlasmaStar who is paired up with Pieri, but Pavise combined with his rally boosted defense prove too much...with the triangle attack being partially nullified by Pieri, with what does land on PlasmaStar only causing lacerations on PlasmaStar's skin...with the same lacerations being transferred to the three swordsmen via PlasmaStar's Counter skill.

Aisha: This is too much!

Endgame: Wait...I have an idea! Everyone retreat!

Team Endgame pulls back as fast as they can.

PlasmaStar: This is almost too easy! Look at them run! Men, chase them down!

Endgame: Guys. We have to separate PlasmaStar from the rest of them. His Rally Spectrum will be the end of us if we don't! Everyone but Aisha, be 10 paces behind me and wait till I separate him from the rest!

PlasmaStar's forces catch up.

PlasmaStar: Heh. Finally decided to stop running, huh? In that case, you are mine!

Httyd 2 surrounded by fire by lifelantern-d7aasej

Fire keeps creeps at bay...

PlasmaStar rushes at Endgame with his Brave Sword in hand. However, when he closes in on Endgame, Endgame uses his Elfire team to form a huge circle of flame that separates Endgame, Aisha, PlasmaStar, and Pieri from the rest of the troops.

PlasmaStar: You!

Endgame: Your Rally Spectrum can no longer reach your troops! Everyone! Now!

Foleo immediately uses the weakness staff, enervating the troops. Dekarus again breathes fire on the Cavalry, incinerating several of them instantly. Einvalt again takes a swing at wind64a. This time though, wind64a cannot dodge the blow in his heavy armor and takes a gash across his side. He screams in pain. wind64a manages to stab Einvalt with his lance, but Einvalt's counter skill takes effect and the cumulative damage suffered by wind64a proves too much. Utilizing his inner Kellam, he vanishes and flees. FinalActivity, always the psycho, uses his Nohrian Restraint skill with his Killer Bow, which criticals Gwonam_is_Bae, causing him to pass out while simultaneously tying him up in ropes. Misha-Heart activates his Luna skill and rips Cavaliers in half. ivanhellsing, thanks to taking damage from PlasmaStar, activates his wrath skill and criticals every cavalier he comes across. Lazward finishes up what ivanhellsing starts thanks to ivanhellsing's defense seal weakening the cavaliers even further than Foleo's weakness staff did.

PlasmaStar: Everything is falling apart! Damn you Endgame!!!

PlasmaStar uses his forged lightning tome, Light Star, and fires two huge shots at Endgame thanks to Aether. Endgame blocks the sol hit using a fire spell and Aisha via dual guard jumps in the way of the luna hit. She takes terrible wounds but since she uses the nosferatu tome on Pieri afterward, the damage is repaired and Pieri is weakened. Endgame then fires an Ignis powered Elfire tome at PlasmaStar and causes terrible wounds to him.

PlasmaStar: Ahhh! It burns! Damn you Endgame!

Pieri: Pieri is hurt! I hate you!

Endgame: Let's stop this PlasmaStar. You are terribly injured and your army has been decimated.

PlasmaStar: You killed Azura and you killed your own son! You may kill me here, but I will be avenged!

Endgame: PlasmaStar... I didn't kill Azura. I told PhantasticPhool the truth. As for LatinoEndgame... I don't know. He attacked me first and I was defending myself. I know that the troops I killed here today will earn me the vengeance of many...but if the person who killed Azura isn't brought to justice, then more innocents will die. You understand, right?

PlasmaStar: ...I just...

Endgame: I feel that I will figure out who is really behind all of this if I go to Pheree. For now, will you just let me go?

Pieri: Pieri doesn't forgive you for all those nasty rumors about me and King!

Endgame: Then don't.

Pieri: !!!

PlasmaStar: ...Fine... Pieri and myself will leave. Hopefully you are telling the truth Endgame.

PlasmaStar and Pieri retreat. In the aftermath, Lazward finds a Levin Sword and Foleo finds a Freeze Staff

Aisha: We killed people today that weren't evil...

Endgame: It couldn't be helped. If we didn't use lethal force, we would have been annihilated. Gosh, if only PlasmaStar and Pieri hadn't been here. I thought we could get through here without a fight...  Anyway, Pheree is but a stone’s throw away.  We ought to be going.

FinalActivity: I captured one of the enemy troops alive... wind64a got away though. He sure is hard to find...

The-dungeon----4d69bfc4a7eb7 hires

Sucks to be in the dungeon of a guy who has all this stuff!

Endgame: Alright, let me see him.

In FinalActivity’s Dungeon

Gwonam_is_Bae: Gah…Damn it all…

Endgame: Are you up?

Gwonam_is_Bae: You!  You b******.  What are you waiting for? End it…was your plan to leave me in FinalActivity’s hands...d*** you!

Endgame: …Until Pieri and PlasmaStar got involved…I thought we were going to be able to avoid a fight.  It didn’t happen that way, did it?

Gwonam_is_Bae: …I heard what PlasmaStar said.  You…are…craven.

Endgame: …I’m telling you though, again, that I didn’t kill Azura.  As for the Pieri situation…it is over.  In regards to my “son”…he isn’t really my son, he is a clone created by ChenYakumo…and he attacked my group and we defended ourselves.  He died in the battle.

Gwonam_is_Bae: …Let’s say I believe you.  You still killed many soldiers today.

Endgame: Ya...

Gwonam_is_Bae: And for what?

Endgame: I think that someone is behind Azura’s death that has framed me.  I know that…Kagerou almost certainly stole something from me...about at the same time Azura died... I feel there is a connection. She is presently in Pheree.  If the people who really are behind Azura’s death are left to their own devices, certainly more innocents will die.  In my situation, what would you do?

Gwonam_is_Bae: …I don’t know.  In the meantime, what are you going to do with me?

Endgame: …Do you want to join me?

Gwonam_is_Bae: You are asking me to join the person who slaughtered my comrades?

Endgame: …The short answer is yes. The long answer is you guys attacked me first and that the people truly responsible behind Azura’s death are to blame for all of this…

Gwonam_is_Bae: I bet even Church of Azura followers would find that a hard pill to swallow. 

ivanhellsing: I don’t…

Endgame: ivanhellsing?

Gwonam_is_Bae: You…aren’t you the former founder of the Church of Azura?

Endgame: What?

ivanhellsing: I’m surprised you know that. It is mostly a forgotten fact at this point.  A pity things had to change, but I still am a follower of Azura even now. 

Gwonam_is_Bae: You actually believe Endgame didn’t kill Azura!? 

ivanhellsing: Yes…  It is apparent that events are being manipulated against us. Something is going on we don’t understand yet, but if we go to Pheree, I think we will find out much

Gwonam_is_Bae: Ugh…  Fine I will join you guys.

Endgame: Really!?

Gwonam_is_Bae: I’m not doing it for any of you.  If what you are saying is true, then my comrades are just “collateral damage” in a greater plot.  I will make those responsible pay for what has happened here today!

Endgame: Welcome aboard!

Somewhere nearby

Einvalt: WTF!  That b****** formed the f****** Church of f****** Azura!  I can’t believe I have called such a b****a** a comrade.  Plus, Endgame seriously didn’t kill Azura.  Gah…  What the hell am I even doing here?

?????: That is a good question.

The Shadow Man


Einvalt: ?????

A shadowy apparition appears.

Einvalt: You, are you one of Endgame’s phantoms?  You look like him…

Engdame: Not quite, I go by Engdame.  In truth, I was the one who killed Azura.  This act should have turned many against him since few know of my existence and would think it was Endgame, but I feel that he still is holding on…

Einvalt: Wow, really!?  You are like my hero dude!

Engdame: Good to hear, but I am not the one behind this “plan”.

Einvalt: Then who is?

Engdame: In good time…if you want to know, you will need to do something for me…

Chapter Ends

Team Endgame Unit Status: (Note, Endgame gains levels like an unpromoted unit.)

  1. Endgame: Sage: Elfire Tome, Fire Tome, Heal Staff: Level 12/40: Skills: Ignis, Magic +2, Fortune, Rally Magic
  2. Aisha: Dark Mage: Nosferatu; Level 12/20; Skills: Vengeance, Bind, Devilish Wind
  3. Einvalt: Fighter: Iron Axe, Hand Axe; Level 14/20; Skills: Counter, HP +5, Roundhouse
  4. Dekarus: Manakete: Dragonstone, Jar of Garon's Excrements; Level 13/40: Noble Lineage, Dragon Fang, Odd Rhythm
  5. Lazward: Mercenary: Steel Sword, Levin Sword, Vulnerary: Level 12/20: Girl Lover, Stubbornness, Patient Assurance
  6. ivanhellsing: Mercenary: Steel Sword: Level 13/20: Wrath, Defence Seal, Stubbornness, Patient Assurance
  7. Misha-Heart: Samurai: Killing Edge: Level 13/20: Luna, Flowing Strike, Vantage
  8. FinalActivity: Outlaw: Killer Bow: Level 16/20: Nohrian Restraint, Bind, Locktouch, Movement +1
  9. Foleo: Rod Knight: Heal Staff, Weakness Staff, Freeze Staff: Level 16/20: Foul Play, Resistance +2, Distinguished Son
  10. Gwonam_is_Bae: Outlaw: Silver Bow, Iron Bow: Level 15/20: Pierce, Locktouch, Movement +1

Chapter 7: The Manipulative Kunoichi

At Castle Dawn...home of Team Latino_King

Technickal1:You have returned PlasmaStar.  You look injured.  What happened…and who is that with you?

PlasmaStar: I can talk about what happened later. This is Pieri.

Pieri: Hi!  Pieri is happy to see you!

Technickal1: Pieri!?  Latino_King despises that lady.  Why did you bring her here?

PlasmaStar: …I need to talk to Latino_King about that… Let me in.

Technical1:…If anything happens, you will be held responsible.

PlasmaStar:Fine.  Pieri, don’t antagonize anyone,alright!

Pieri: Ok!  Pieri will be good!

The two make their way to the throne room, but run into…

Acerola-orion: Hey!  What is Pieri doing in this castle?

Charlotte: Ya!  That lady is crazy!

Pieri: …

PlasmaStar: I need to talk to Latino_King.  Let us pass.

Acerola-orion: This should be fun!  Mind if I come along?

PlasmaStar: Fine…


So love-dovey...

In the throne room itself…

Latino_King: Oh Effie, your eyes are so beautiful!

Effie: Blushes Thanks Latino-kun!

Orochi: What about my eyes my dear Latino_King?

Latino_King: Oh, they are beautiful too!

Orochi: Blushes Fufufufufufu! Thank you so much!

Latino_King: Hey wait a minute, someone people are coming!

PlasmaStar and the others enter.

Latino_King: Oh PlasmaStar, you are back!  What have you been…Ahhhhhhhhh!  Pieri!



Pieri: Hi! Pieri has missed you!

Latino_King: Why in the world did you bring that bloody hellspawn into my castle?

PlasmaStar: The truth is, Pieri and I have been seeing each other for some time.

Latino_King: Raises an eyebrow Really…

PlasmaStar: I will put it bluntly.  We want to start living together…in this castle.

Latino_King: Wow…  Did not see this happening today…

Pieri: Pieri loves PlasmaStar so much!

PlasmaStar: I know it is sudden, but will you allow to "prosper"?

Latino_King: …You promise never to touch me, alright Pieri?

Pieri: Okay!  Pieri won’t touch Latino_King!

Latino_King: …Alright, she can stay.

Pieri: Yeah‼!  When should we have the wedding!

Latino_King: …

Technickal1: We really ought to address the Endgame situation before we have one of those.

Latino_King: Yeah… 

PlasmaStar: Latino_King, wasn’t it you that suggested that we not let Endgame control our lives?


Pieri wasn't this happy when Endgame was pairing her with Latino_King.

Latino_King: Oh yeah…  In that case, have it whenever you want!

Pieri: Yeah!  Pieri is so happy that Pieri could just cut someone up right now!

FloraTheMaid: Up for cutting up some meat?  I’m preparing dinner.

Pieri: Pieri is happy!  Pieri gets to cut meat!

They leave.

Latino_King: …Are you certain she is the one for you?

PlasmaStar: Yep.

Latino_King: …OK

Back to Team Endgame, who is in Pheree.

Aisha: Gosh!  This place is in ruins!

Gwonam_is_Bae: This isn’t a new development.  Pheree has been this way ever since Kagerou came here.

Dekarus: Lel!

Gwonam_is_Bae: ???

Aisha: It is just what he says, go on?

FEF Kagerou My Room Model

They are a nice size alright... :)

Gwonam_is_Bae: …I believe you.  The only building still standing in Pheree is Shadowthorn Castle…which I hear Kagerou is the leader of.  They say she murdered countless people because they wouldn’t stop making comments about how big her boobs are.

FinalActivity: How big are they?

Gwonam_is_Bae: Oh, they are big alright!

FinalActivity: In that case, I should cut them off and put them under my pillow!  Then the “boob fairy" will bring me tied up victims in my sleep!

Everyone Else: …

Endgame: Let’s not waste any more time.  I won’t be separated from the Endflame tome anymore!  Everyone, be prepared, Kagerou is inside these walls.  She is a powerful Kunoichi, but we have the power to defeat her!  Now!  CHARGE‼‼

Team Endgame rushes at the front gate of the castle and bust it open.  They enter into a courtyard open to the air.  The air is heavy and the smells of rotting corpses can still be smelt.  On an elevated perch above them, a shadowy figure walks into view.

Kagerou: Welcome travelers.  You will be staying the night I can see, you will never be leaving after all. :)

Lazward: Oh yeah, well I have a joke for you!

Kagerou: ???

Lazward: What did one casket say to the sick casket?

Kagerou: …

Everyone Else: ???

Lazward: Is that you “coughin”? Ahahahahah

Kagerou: …

Everyone Else: …

Lazward: Didn’t find that one funny?  How about this one!  What goes, "Clip clop clip clop clip clop clip clop BANG BANG clip clop clip clop clip clop...

Kagerou: Under her breath.  Doesn’t this guy realizes I want to kill him?

Everyone Else: …


Lazward: An Amish drive-by shooting! Ahahahahah!!!

Dekarus: lel

Everyone Else + Kagerou: …

Lazward: Alright, you didn’t like that one…how about this!  Why did the d**k go to 7-11?

Kagerou: Under her breath…  What a moron…

Lazward: To get a…”Slurpee”.  Heheheheheh!

Everyone but Kagerou smiles slowly, then bursts out laughing…

Kagerou: …WTF

Endgame: Enough Lazward.  Kagerou, I know you stole the Endflame tome from me, return it now and I will let you live.

Kagerou: You mean this? She lifts the Endflame tome over her head.

Endgame: Yes, that…

Kagerou: You think I am just going to give it to you?

Endgame: You could.  Like Camilla, most of your blood is definitely not going to your brain after all.  It is going to your boobs!

Everyone but Kagerou and Aisha: Hahahahahah!

Aisha: …Under her breath…what is with you men and women’s boob sizes…

Kagerou: …Do you know what? F*** it!  You will all die right here!  Get them!


These guys don't mess around bro...

From every corner of the castle comes Kagerou’s ninja army. They are armed with Shurikens to the


Kagerou: Since you told me so many jokes, let me tell you one!  How many throwing stars does a ninja have on him?

Lazward: Um…well, the hot Kunoichi ladies on the internet have 34…since well, Rule 34…

Dekarus: Lel!

Kagerou: Nope.  The answer is zero!  Because they are all in you.  Die!

The ninjas proceed to throw way too many shurikens to count…but the number is in the likelihood of being in the thousands. Endgame proceeds to repel most of them with an Elfire attack…but some are about to hit Team Endgame, before Dekarus turns into his Manakete form and jumps in the way of the shurikens!

Foleo: Dekarus!

Dekarus: Relax!  These weak throwing stars cannot pierce my mighty scales!  But…I feel weakened for some reason.

Kagerou: Heheheh…  That was the plan you fool.  SpellcraftQuill told us about your power.  So we dipped the shurikens in dragonbane liquid.  And as an Elite Ninja, I brought this sword! 

She pulls out a Wyrmslayer.

  Kagerou: Not take this!

Kagerou moves faster than the eye can see and stabs Dekarus brutally.

Dekarus: Damn it!

Dekarus turns back into a human form, wounded but standing.

  Dekarus: In that case, take this!


Einvalt plays it well...

Dekarus pulls out Garon’s Jar of Excrements, but before he can open it…Einvalt knocks him to the ground and steals the jar.

  Dekarus: WTF!?

Endgame: Einvalt, what are you doing?!

Einvalt: Hate to break it to you, but I have no interest in being on the same team as that ivanhellsing b****.

ivanhellsing: …

Einvalt: Besides, if “Fakegame” killed Azura,then I would rather be with his side!

Endgame: “Fakegame”?

Kagerou: Good job Einvalt…  You will have an audience with our leader…as demanded…you may take your leave.

Einvalt: See you around losers!

Einvalt is teleported away.

Dekarus: F***!  How could he take that from me!

Kagerou: Now, now.  Isn’t there some law against biological warfare?

Dekarus: Isn’t there some law against being a c**t?

Kagerou: …Heheheh…having a bad day now?  Your Manakete form is useless and you don’t have Garon’s s*** to worship anymore.  Now die!

All of Kagerou’s ninjas jump at Team Endgame with kunais drawn.  Team Endgame is primarily made up of magic and sword users, so Endgame realizes that the hidden weapon users have a triangle advantage. Due to quick thinking, Endgame bakes the ground in flame so that the ninjas can only approach them from a single side.

Endgame: FinalActivity!  Gwonam_is_Bae!  Now!

The two outlaws fire arrow after arrow into the single side that the ninjas can approach from.  Due to the triangle advantage bows have over hidden weapons combined with ninjas' naturally low defense, it is a massacre.  The few ninjas that are left standing have been influenced by FinalActivity’s bind skill, lowering their avoid.

Endgame: Now then, Rally Magic!  Aisha, everyone else, attack!

Thanks to the effect of the bind skill, the triangle advantage hidden weapons hold over swords and magic is negligible.  Lazward, ivanhellsing, and Misha-Heart quickly hack apart ninja after ninja with their blades of doom.  Aisha, powered up by Endgame’s Rally Magic, blasts Kagerou with a huge blast of Nosferatu. She is severely injured.

Kagerou: Damn it…  I guess I will make my escape!

Kagerou attempts to run away, but Foleo uses his Freeze staff, locking her in place.

Foleo: Going somewhere?

Kagerou: Damn it!

Endgame: Apparently not.  FinalActivity…do your worst…

FinalActivity: Heheheheheh…  I always do!


Kagerou finds herself in Sakura's position...

FinalActivity uses his Nohrian Restraint skill.  Kagerou is tied up in ropes.  She proceeds to curse FinalActivity heavily, but FinalActivity simply knocks her out with a sharp blow to the back of the head.

FinalActivity: Sleep well b****.  You will get a “rude awakening” when I’m ready. Heheheheh…

Endgame: …Hopefully that means you will just get some answers out of her…

FinalActivity: …Nope…

Aisha: …

Endgame: At the very least, I finally got my Endflame tome back…wait a minute, it is missing the two ruby gems on the front and back cover!

Aisha: Are they important!

Endgame: With them, it is a legendary weapon…without them…it is just better than the Elfire Tome I have now…it looks like Kagerou has some answering to do.

Obtained Endflame Tome!  Stats:

Rank: Endgame Only

Mt: 11

Hit: 75

Crit: 10%

Avoid: 10%

Rng: 1~2

Description: Endflame without its ruby gems is powerful, but certainly is no legendary weapon.

Dekarus: Gah…

ivanhellsing: What is wrong Dekarus?

Dekarus: I was really useless back there.  Now that the enemy will be packing Wyrmslayers and without my beloved jar…I don’t see the point of being a Manakete anymore…I feel so worthless right now...

ivanhellsing: In that case, I might have something for you?

Dekarus: ???

ivanhellsing: I mean, back in my Church of Azura days, I received a powerful gem from Azura herself.  She called it a ritualist gem.  She said that combined with a dragonstone, it would grant the user much power. 

Dekarus: Are you giving it to me?

ivanhellsing: Why not?  We go way back after all! 

Dekarus: Very well.  I will try this…

Dekarus combined his dragonstone with the ritualist gem.  Suddenly, darkness explodes from the

Earth around him and shots to the sky.  Everyone is taken aback, since the Earth itself shakes.  The darkness eventually builds into a single point, and Dekarus stands with a new look as a ritualist.  The darkness then coalesces into a book…the sacred tome…Brunnhilde. Upon landing in Dekarus’s hands, trees grow from the darkness and lash out at the dead ninjas’ bodies, turning their flesh into dust, leaving onlybone.


Dekarus seems so powerful now...lel!

Dekarus: Wow…Unreal!  My gosh! This is amazing!  I feel incredible!  YES! YES! YES! I CAN WIN! I FEEL GREAT! I CAN DO THIS! AHHHHHH‼‼‼

(Please look at this link. This is what Dekarus essentially says.)

ivanhellsing: What are you doing?

Dekarus: I feel so powerful! Lel! Lel! Lel! Lel! By the way…  I think I can wield hidden weapons now.  I will go collect some from the dead ninjas bodies…since they won’t be needing them anymore. Lel!

Misha-Heart: Well someone is happy.

Endgame: We finally captured Kagerou and got my Endgame tome back.  We should party!

Dekarus: Party! Party! Lel!

Aisha: I’m glad everyone is happy…  I wish Endgame would notice me more…all I hear about are his past love interests…maybe we can have some alone time once this is all over....

In Dawn Castle, home to Team Mavitar, in a dark soundproof room…

Engdame: I’ve brought him.

SpellcraftQuill: Excellent

Einvalt: So you were the one that masterminded Azura’s death?

SpellcraftQuill: Yes. 

Einvalt: You are like…my personal hero!   Wow!

LimboStudios: A pity he won’t be around for much longer.

?????: Quite indeed.

Midoriko portrait


LimboStudios enters with a girl in tow.

SpellcraftQuill: Midoriko‼‼??? What are you doing here?

Midoriko: Here to report…some unfortunate news I am afraid…

SpellcraftQuill: ?

Midoriko: Kagerou has been captured…alive.

SpellcraftQuill: What‼‼????

Midoriko: You heard me.  Since Team Endgame has FinalActivity with them, I imagine she will squeal in no time.

SpellcraftQuill: S***‼!

Midoriko: I heard Endgame even recovered the Endflame tome…  Really SpellcraftQuill…  I gave so much funding so that you could kill that wretched idiot for me.  Now that Endgame has Kagerou, Team Endgame will certainly learn about my involvement.

SpellcraftQuill: Wait, I gave the two ruby gems for the tome to reach its full power to LimboStudios over there and, without him knowing it, to Mavitar as well!

Midoriko: That’s all I needed to know…  I guess…  I have no more use for you.  LimboStudios…will you do the honors?

LimboStudios: Of course!

SpellcraftQuill: But I ca…

The sentence is forever left unfinished.  LimboStudios brings out his WyrmSlayer which nullifies SpellcraftQuill’s dragonskin and plunges it right through his heart.  Blood immediately rushes through SpellcraftQuill’s throat and out through his mouth.  He tries to talk but can’t.  He falls to the ground hearing the sound of Midoriko’s laughter.

Midoriko: Heheheheheh!  Hahahahahah! Don’t worry my dear.  I will finish what you started…without you. Ahahahahah!

As SpellcraftQuill lays dying, he realizes what he must do.  He uses the last of his fading magic and sends images of what transpired to Kagerou, who is the last person on his mind.  He sees an image of her in his mind…get smaller and smaller…until…darkness…….takes……….him………….forever……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

In Pheree sometime later.

Kagerou: Ahhhhhh!  Quilly!

FinalActivity: So…  You are up.  I hope you are ready to start talking!

Kagerou thoughts

The thoughts of an unsmiling shinobi...

Kagerou wakes up from seeing SpellcraftQuill’s fate…finding herself in chains in the very dungeon she used to keep prisoners. She cares little about her own fate though.

Kagerou: Why!?  Why!?  Why did you have to die my dear Quilly?

FinalActivity: ???

Kagerou: Damn that b**** Midoriko!  Damn that f****** c***.

FinalActivity: Do you mind explaining what you are saying?

Kagerou explains the vision she saw, leaving no detail out.  She also elaborates on how SpellcraftQuill devised Endgame’s predicament via Engdame killing Azura.

  FinalActivity: That is…quite a story.

Kagerou: Please.  You have to let me join you!  I have to avenge my dear Quilly!

FinalActivity: …You have motivation…and we potentially have a common enemy…let me tell Endgame about…everything.

FinalActivity leaves the room.  It seems like a long while, but eventually Endgame comes to see Kagerou.

Endgame: …I understand that you were part of the plot to frame me for Azura’s murder…

Kagerou: …It is true…

Endgame: …I also understand that you didn’t really care about killing me…you were only following SpellcraftQuill’s bidding because…

Kagerou: …I love him…or…loved him might be better to say.

Endgame: …Mavitar’s Team has reported SpellcraftQuill’s death…and has framed me for the killing.  I hear his team is serious about “eliminating me”.

Kagerou: …

Endgame: I’m surprised to hear that your “Quilly” was receiving funding from Midoriko.  It is said she controls the entire underworld drug market…after she ruthlessly killed off all of her competitors…family and children all.

Kagerou:Glares That b**** will pay for what she has done.  Please, let me avenge Quilly!

Endgame: …do you know where the ruby gems to my tome and where Einvalt went?

Kagerou: …The gems likely are in the hands of LimboStudios…and…Mavitar…although the latter doesn't know it.

Endgame: S***.  There is no way around it.  We really will have to confront that punk…  What about Einvalt?

Kagerou: I know of many potential locations where my love had bases.  If you release me, I will help you find him.

Endgame: …Fine, I will let you join me under one condition.

Kagerou: What?

Endgame: Aisha, can you come here!?

Aisha: You called Endgame?

Endgame: Yes.  You see Kagerou, Aisha can “seal a promise”.  If you break a promise she has sealed, you will drop dead where you stand.


As long as Aisha is around, Endgame won't end up like this guy.

Kagerou: …You want me to promise to not betray you of course...

Endgame: Yes..

Kagerou: Fine. 

Kagerou promises to not betray Endgame.  Aisha seals the promise with her magic.  Kagerou is

then released.

Kagerou: …I won’t let you down.  Now let’s kill that Midoriko b****.

Endgame: …Yes, let's end this...

Chapter Ends...

Team Endgame Unit Status: (Note, Endgame gains levels like an unpromoted unit.)

  1. Endgame: Sage: Endflame (Stage 1), Elfire Tome, Fire Tome, Heal Staff: Level 14/40: Skills: Ignis, Magic +2, Fortune, Rally Magic
  2. Aisha: Dark Mage: Nosferatu; Level 14/20; Skills: Vengeance, Bind, Devilish Wind
  3. Dekarus: Ritualist; Brunnhilde, Steel Kunai; Level 15/40: Noble Lineage, Dragon Fang, Odd Rhythm
  4. Lazward: Mercenary: Steel Sword, Levin Sword, Vulnerary: Level 15/20: Girl Lover, Stubbornness, Patient Assurance
  5. ivanhellsing: Mercenary: Steel Sword: Level 15/20: Wrath, Defence Seal, Stubbornness, Patient Assurance
  6. Misha-Heart: Samurai: Killing Edge: Level 15/20: Luna, Flowing Strike, Vantage
  7. FinalActivity: Outlaw: Killer Bow: Level 17/20: Nohrian Restraint, Bind, Locktouch, Movement +1
  8. Foleo: Rod Knight: Heal Staff, Weakness Staff, Freeze Staff: Level 18/20: Foul Play, Resistance +2, Distinguished Son
  9. Gwonam_is_Bae: Outlaw: Silver Bow, Iron Bow: Level 16/20: Pierce, Locktouch, Movement +1
  10. Kagerou: Elite Kinja: Silver Kunai, Steel Kunai, Wyrmslayer: Level 1/20: Ninja Reversal, Locktouch, Snake Venom, Breaking Sky

Chapter 8: The Power Of The Dragon Blade

In a dark room in Castle Uber, home to Team Mavitar.  Several hours earlier…


No need to read this book. They are right here!

Midoriko: Hahahahah! Quilly is dead!  So f****** dead‼‼  Hahahahahah‼‼

LimboStudios: :) I never did like that guy anyway.

Einvalt: …so, Midoriko, were you behind Azura’s death then?

Midoriko: Oh no.  That was part of Quilly’s plan.  Of course, she would have died in the end though.  She was such an eyesore, b******* about LOVE and PEACE and FRIENDSHIP!  God!  It made me want to vomit!

Einvalt: Oh, we will get along just fine! :)

Engdame: …I have an idea.  Let’s “use” Quilly here…yes, even in death he will serve us…  Let’s…speed things up.  I will run in front of Mavitar and cast a fire spell at him that barely misses him…then I will immediately run and drop this knife covered with Quilly’s blood.  After that, LimboStudios here can run out and scream that Endgame killed Quilly.  Does it sound dear, dear Midoriko-chan!?

Midoriko: …Ohhhhhhhhhh…

Engdame: ???

Midoriko: Hearing you say such things makes me so happy.  You see Einvalt?  I don’t bother with the minor details of the schemes, it is the people around me that advance my beloved wishes in their own "beloved" ways.

Einvalt: I see!  Mind if I join in?

Midoriko: Sure!  How about you punch Felicia right in the mouth and run out with Engdame here.  That will certainly…”get the ball rolling”.  Mavitar is so prone to…overreacting afterall when his cute, beloved meido is harmed…  Ahahahahahahah‼‼‼

Einvalt: Shouldn’t I just kill her?

Midoriko: Rolls Eyes We can do that later if we feel the need.  I am sure she will join Mavitar in killing Endgame once all of this is said and done…so there is no need.  Anyway…  I heard that Flare_Sorrow from Team Latino_King may be making his move soon.  I think he also can serve the greater good…  Do you get what I’m saying, Engdame ???

Engdame: :)

Midoriko: …Now if only I can figure out where EndKingPeach ran off to…things would be perfect. :)

Back to the Present, Right After The Plot Is Carried Out…

Mavitar: What the f***!  How the hell did Endgame and Einvalt get in here!?  Gosh, if that fire spell had been just a little closer…

Felicia: Wahahaahah‼!


Felicia suffered this...only there was no glove...

Mavitar: Felicia, what happened?

Felicia: Einvalt came up to me and punched me really!  My jaw really hurts!  Wahahahah‼!

Mavitar: Damn.  That f***ing b**** would do something like this.

LimboStudios: Everyone!  SpellcraftQuill is dead‼!

Mavitar: ‼!

PhantasticPhool: Gosh darn it.  Endgame really was just luring us into a false sense of security.  I never even liked Quilly, but this cannot stand!

Apocrypha: Are you going to admit you are wrong now‼!  She slaps PhantasticPhool hard.

PhantasticPhool: What was that for?

Apocrypha: For not learning from Azura’s death!  How could you possibly have ever trusted that b******’s word!?

Apocrypha runs out of the room, bumping into Cobalnite.

Cobalnite: …I assume we will get rid of Endgame for good now?

Mavitar: …Yeah, preparations will take time though.  But for this, Endgame will pay…

PhantasticPhool: Tell me, how long will it take.

Mavitar: A few days.  We are going to bring the entire might of our army to bare on Endgame. 

PhantasticPhool: Do you mind if I travel somewhere for a few days then?

Mavitar: Why?

PhantasticPhool: I…worry about someone all the time.  If I could bring them here with me, they would be safer.  The more the world gets unstable…my fears of losing this person grow and grow.  Mind if I try to convince this person to come here?

Mavitar: …Fine.  Be quick about it.

PhantasticPhool: Thank you. 

PhantasticPhool leaves.


Hopefully they will reach Setsuna soon!

PhantasticPhool:To Himself I hear that PlasmaStar finally got together with Pieri.  I’m especially surprised Latino_King of all people let her in his castle.  If PlasmaStar and Pieri can be together, then I’m certain that WE could be together.  I’m coming…my dear Setsuna…

Transitioning…Close To Pheree

Flare_Sorrow: Xir…  Are we almost there yet?

Xir: Yes, Team Endgame is in Pheree.

Flare_Sorrow: Excellent.  With my thunder mage squadron, we will make short work of them.

Camilla: Talking to your sword Raijiri again?  Fufufufu!

Flare_Sorrow: Frowns It is actually my Manakete companion you know.  Xir is one of the astral dragons after all. 

Camilla: Fufufufu!  Then why doesn’t he ever maintain a dragon or Manakete form then?

Flare_Sorrow: I’m not sure of the details, but as the millennia have gone by, the world has changed so that it is more inhospitable to dragon kind.  Usually, staying as a human for all but outside battle is what they do…but…

Camilla: But…???

Flare_Sorrow: In the end, it is not even.  Even staying as a human, all Manaketes will eventually give into madness.  The only way to maintain lucidity is thus to…remain in an inert form…like this sword here.

Camilla: And you can talk to him even in this form?

Flare_Sorrow: Indeed. 

Camilla: Okay…  Are you sure it is good to go around Latino_King’s back and all?  I mean, he hasn’t sanctioned this operation you know…

Flare_Sorrow: Realize that the only way that there will ever be peace is if Endgame is put down like the wretched cur he is.  If Latino_King is left to his own devices, many people will die before his hand is forced into action by Endgame’s crimes.  We mine as well end him now.

Camilla: OK!

However, before we duel with Endgame, we need to do something about Aisha.  Remember the plan Camilla?

Camilla: Fufufufufu!  Whatever you say my beloved…  I will be back when I have taken care of this.  Camilla leaves.

Flare_Sorrow: Now Endgame, you will feel what you did to those in the Church of Azura.

In a forest, never the castle that Kagerou formerly was stationed at.

Girl alone in forest-1024x768

Bad stuff seems to happen when girls enter a forest alone...especially a creepy forest like this...

Aisha:Talking to herself.  I finely can get some alone time…to think about all that is happened.  Everyone

is partying right now.  I wish Endgame would appreciate the fact how I feel about all of his past love interests being talked about in my face.  Latino_King, Effie, Gheb_... I just…wish I could have you all to myself…  Still, those relationships were in the past, right?  And the stuff about Effie was just unsubstantiated rumors.  I mean…  When this is all over, I will have him all to myself…right?

Aisha lets out a deep sigh.

Aisha: At least things can only get better from here…

?????: Excuse me there traveler…Can you tell me where Endgame is?

Aisha: ‼!

Aisha looks into a forest clearing going away from the castle, readying her Nosferatu tome.  She sees a scantily clad woman with…sex toys in her hands???

Aisha: Who are you?

Camilla: Oh, my name isn’t important.  After all, I’m the kind of woman that is a dime a dozen after all.  Men get to feel me, unclothe me, make me theirs for a night, pay me, and the whole cycle repeats.  I think you get the deal...

Aisha: …

Camilla: Anyway, Endgame paid handsomely ahead of time for some…let us say...“wonderful action”.

Aisha: ‼‼‼‼

Camilla: I heard something about needing a lady to spend some time with to deal with the stress of being around some stupid loli or something.  Something about needing a real woman in his life.  Now if you could be so kind to show me…

Aisha: F*** you you trashy b****!  I can’t take this anymore!  Damnit!  I hate you Endgame! 

Aisha runs off into the woods in tears.  Camilla shakes her head back and forth with a slight grin on her face.

Camilla: Maybe I was a little too hard on her.  She rolls her eyes and licks her lips.  Ehhhh…  Maybe not.  I mean, I saved her life after all by getting her away from that wretched Endgame after all.  Whatever…Flare_Sorrow’s orders are Flare_Sorrow’s orders.

Camilla returns to Flare_Sorrow

Flare_Sorrow: How did it go?

Camilla: It went perfectly.  Aisha is out of the picture.  She thinks Endgame is unfaithful…I feel bad about it though.


We saved her life considering anyone with Endgame will have to die.  Remember that.
FEF Camilla Swimsuit

Who wouldn't like to be in this lady's marshmallow heaven?


Oh, I have, but…

Flare_Sorrow quickly pulls Camilla close to him and gives her a deep kiss before planting his face in her bosom.

Camilla: Fufufufufu!  You certainly like being in marshmallow heaven.

Flare_Sorrow: Only because it is in YOUR heaven my dear.

Camilla: Aren’t you sweet.

Flare_Sorrow: Enough though.  Let’s rid the world of this Endgame fellow once and for all!

At Shadowthorn Castle.

Lazward: …So guys, what do you call a kid with no arms, no legs, and an eye patch?

Dekarus: A pirate?

Endgame: Gheb_?

FinalActivity: My latest victim?

Lazward: All wrong!  You call them…NAMES‼‼  Hahahahahah‼‼‼

Everyone is taken aback by this, but once the jokes seeps in, they burst out laughing.

Lazward: I got another one!  What’s the difference between a dirty bus stop and a lobster with boob implants?

Dekarus: Well the latter is Ryoma and Camilla’s kid, so…

Misha-Heart: A dirty bus stop is a place where whores go…

FinalActivity: Does this have anything to do with Camilla’s kid being a whore?

Lazward: Smiles You are overthinking it guys!  One’s a crusty bus station and the other is a BUSTY CRUSTACIAN!  Ahahahahahahah‼!

Kagerou: I get it, but…

Everyone else bursts out laughing!

Lazward: Kagerou, I’m sure you will get used to my jokes sooner or later.

Kagerou: Maybe…something comes.

Endgame: ???

Kagerou: I sense mages with the power of lightning.  I…


Powerful stuff...

Kagerou never gets to finish her sentence.  Lightning magic immediately bursts through one of the windows, barely missing ivanhellsing, who just bent over to pour himself more fruit punch.  The lightning is so powerful that upon hitting the other side of the castle, it melts it entirely, leaving a gaping hole. The resulting thunder noise is huge, taking away everyone’s hearing for a moment.  Once their hearing returns…

Lazward: What the hell was that?

Dekarus: That was bolting magic mixed with the power of the legendary Mjolnir tome.  By being simulcast together, the power of the legendary tome can be given the range of the bolting thunder magic.  The person who has that tome is Flare_Sorrow though…  I hear he is a mage fighter who also wields a terrible sword.

Endgame: S***.  Latino_King’s other forces may be with them.  We are sitting ducks in this castle.  Everyone, retreat into the woods for now!

Returning to Flare_Sorrow’s group…

Camilla: That was a nice display of our troop’s power…but you didn’t hit anybody by the looks of it. 

Flare_Sorrow: It is irreverent, we have them on the run.  Chase after them my thunder mages!

Thunder Mages: As you wish!

Flare_Sorrow: I will finally get a chance to display my swords power!  I hope you are ready Xir!

Xir: Yes…may my power be on full display.

Deep in the forest.

Endgame: S***.  This is where Aisha was supposed to be.  Where could she have gone?

FinalActivity: Maybe the enemy has taken her…

Endgame: I certainly hope not.  Has Kagerou returned yet?

Kagerou: I’m here Endgame.

Endgame: And?

Kagerou: I can confirm Latino_King’s forces are not with Flare_Sorrow.

Endgame: At least we aren’t definitely screwed…

Foleo: What are you talking about?

Endgame: Flare_Sorrow carries a terribly powerful sword.  I hear it is actually a Manakete in stasis…honestly, I wish I had Endflame at full power right now.

Kagerou: ...Perhaps I have a plan.

Endgame: ???

Kagerou: Pulls out her Wyrmslayer.  If that sword really is a Manakete in stasis, then simply coming into contact with it should depower it slightly…or at least be enough to disable some of the power it possesses.

Endgame: I see.  Also, I pulled us into the woods to make it impossible for the thunder mages to accurately target us with bolting magic.  If we can take them out, then we can find a way to deal with Flare_Sorrow.  Guys, are you ready? 

Everyone One: Yes!

Endgame: Dekarus, we are in a forest.  That means we will be depending on you the most.  Don’t let us down.

Dekarus: I won’t!

In the Woods

Thunder Mage 1: Gurrr…where is that accursed Endgame.  Guys let’s just light the trees on fire with lightning and smoke that b****** out!

Thunder Mage 2: An excellent plan!  Everyone, blast those trees!

Forest-fire 04-PS

Fires in forests aren't a good thing you know...

The thunder mage squad starts to use their elthunder spells to strike the trees, lighting a huge

section of the forest on fire.  They burn section after section looking for Team Endgame.  Suddenly, they come to a section of the forest that “just won’t burn”.

Thunder Mage 2: These trees just won’t burn!

Smokey the bear - google search

This is what you get when you burn forests kids...

Thunder Mage 1: What is going on?

?????: Of course those trees wouldn’t burn.  They are created from the power of Brunnhilde after all. 

Thunder Mage 3: Who is that?

?????: Oh, is that the sound of a lady?  No matter.  I am a protector of the forest.  Don’t you know you are

supposed to prevent wild fires?

Thunder Mage 2: Shut up and show yourself you worthless cur!

Dekarus: Fine, here I am.  Now feel nature’s wrath!

Dekarus uses his Brunnhilde tome to attack the thunder mages with cursed trees that drain the life-force right out of them.  Some perish right away.  Those that don’t attempt to blast Dekarus with bolting, but seemingly find that their magic’s range has been weakened?

Thunder Mage 3: What is going on?  Our magic is really weakened. 

Dekarus: Heheheheh…  Don’t you know that people with high skill, which a ritualist like me has an abundance of, can use Bruunhilde to greatly weaken the magical power people possess?  But since you used the word “weakened”…Foleo, now!

Foleo who is hidden in the woods uses the weakness staff on the thunder mages, making them even weaker.

Thunder Mage 1: Gah…  It is hard to move.

Dekarus: Tree burners get burned after all.  By the way, you are up Endgame!

Endgame: It is finally time to test the tome’s power out!  It has been a while!

Suddenly an effigy of the sun appears in the sky.  Then moment by moment…a spinning triangle of fire descends from the sky.  (This link shows what I am describing This is Endflame, the tome that was used in the past to end the lives of sinners and…people who disagreed with Endgame’s many controversial will probably continue to do the latter...  However…

Thunder Mage 1: Ahahahahahah!  It is too hot!  I’m burning up!  Ahahahahahah‼‼‼!

Thunder Mage 2: Kempf, no‼‼!

Dekarus: Impressive Endgame, you got one.

Endgame: Gah…  The tome could have probably laid that entire army to waste if it had been at full power.  At least it still can burn fodder to ashes better than Elfire did.  Regardless, everyone!  NOW‼‼‼!

At Endgame’s command, the entirety of Team Endgame emerges from the trees. Gwonam_is_Bae starts using his pierce skill.  So powerful is this skill, an arrow “pierces” through several trees and plunges right into Thunder Mage 2’s face.

Thunder Mage 3: Reinhardt!  No!

He is killed instantly though…  FinalActivity then uses his killer bow and…being the sadist he is, fires an arrow right in the groin of one of the thunder mages.

Thunder Mage 4: Ahhhhh‼‼ My balls!  I’m bleeding out!

Thunder Mage 3: Panicking…  Eyrios‼‼  No‼‼  Thunder Mage 3 then proceeds to hide in the woods, not wanting to die.

Wind then tears through another thunder mage, clearly the work of Lazward who is using his Levin Sword.  The cries of the victim cannot be heard…for his throat was slit by the wind. ivanhellsing then rushes in…and nails a luna-powered critical hit on a weakened thunder mage…killing him instantly…and repeats this again and again.

Thunder Mage 5: Gah!‼! This is too much‼‼


How could their walking not be awesome!?

Misha-Heart then proceeds to walk toward a thunder mage…slowly…as a cool a** samurai would

after all.  The thunder mage tries to nail him with elthunder…but Misha-Heart’s vantage skill activates and he quickly slices him with his killing edge…bisecting him right through the face down to his stomach.  Team Endgame continues to dominate until…

Camilla: Enough!  Everyone, pull back!  We can handle the rest!  Don’t waste your lives!  Return to Castle Dawn!

Flare_Sorrow: Indeed…I won’t need much help killing them all anyway.

Endgame: Flare_Sorrow‼‼

Flare_Sorrow: Ah!  Look who it is…Azura’s killer I presume…

Endgame: I didn’t kill Azura!  It was…

Flare_Sorrow: Don’t waste your breath you b****!

Endgame: Fine…  Be that way.  But your “Hydra Edge”, despite its fame, is nothing compared to the power we have… 

“Stats of Hydra Edge”

Range: 1, Mt: 15, Crit: 10, and Acc: 95. It comes with the Brave effect as well.

Flare_Sorrow: Heheheheh!  Then have a taste of Mjolnir‼!

Flare_Sorrow casts his incantation with lightning surging from the heavens downward toward Endgame.  Yet, in response, the trees of the forest envelop the area…blocking the lightning!

Flare_Sorrow: What?  How did a few stupid trees block lightning from the heavens?

Dekarus: Those aren’t regular trees you know.  They are conjured by Brunnhilde.  Thanks to the tome’s special effects, the trees created are highly magic resistant.  Now take this!

On Dekarus’s orders, the trees extend their branches at an extremely fast pace toward Flare_Sorrow and Camilla, but Camilla responds with an elfire spell, which reduces the branches to ash…

Camilla: Fufufufufufufu‼!  Magic resistance or otherwise, trees are still trees and trees BURN!

Dekarus: Ugh…

Endgame: Dekarus, be on standby.  As long as you can counter the Mjolnir spell, the rest of us can take care of the rest!

Dekarus: Got it!

Flare_Sorrow: Smirks So…you think you have me figured out, huh?

Endgame: Pretty much. 

Flare_Sorrow: Heheheh…I bet you weren’t aware this sword had three forms! 

Endgame: You are lying.

Percy Jackson & the Olympians The Lightning Thief poster

This is similar to the Thunderstroke.

Flare_Sorrow: Nope!  In fact, I think you need to see the horror that the Hydra Edge is capable of!  Now, do my bidding!  Thunderstroke arise!

The Hydra Edge surges from lightning from the hilt to the tip and transforms to a longer curved blade that looks almost like a rod of plasma.  It has become Thunderstroke.

“Stats of Thunderstroke”

Range: 1-2, Mt: 13, Crit: 35, ACC: 85.
Enemies hit by this sword have a 25% chance of being stunned, where they cannot move and every attack has a 100% chance of hitting.  The brave effect remains from its primary form.

Flare_Sorrow then whips the sword hard in Endgame’s direction, with a bolt of lightning “leaping” from the sword and piercing him right in the shoulder.

Endgame: S***

Flare_Sorrow: Heh!  I hope that stung!  Now the rest of you can have some!

Flare_Sorrow fires lightning bolts from Thunderstroke at Team Endgame.  They all have to duck for cover, since the distance between them and Flare_Sorrow is too close for Dekarus’s trees to block them in time.  Endgame had to be dragged to cover since getting hit by the lightning bolt stunned him.  Regardless, Flare_Sorrow keeps firing lightning bolts until Foleo locks on him and uses the freeze staff on him.  Flare_Sorrow is still able to move to some extent due to Xir giving him extra power, but he is slowed down.  Kagerou, seeing her chance, rushes toward Flare_Sorrow.  Camilla tries to intercept but arrows from FinalActivity and Gwonam_is_Bae rip through the wings of her mount, sending her tumbling to the ground. Kagerou gets within range of Flare_Sorrow and proceeds to smash the wyrmslayer into Thunderstroke.  Despite being in a metallic plasma state, “blood” starts to appear on the blade…and it reverts to its Hydra Edge state.  With Flare_Sorrow still finding it hard to move due to the freeze staff, Kagerou then proceeds to dig a steel kunai into Flare_Sorrow’s thigh and proceeds to kick him as hard as she can, sending him flying into a nearby tree…which causes the freeze staff effects to wear off.

Flare_Sorrow: Ugh…Xir, are you alright?

Kagerou: Smirks Did I hit you so hard that you are talking to your sword now?  How cute…

Xir: That sword hurt me.  It must be a wyrmslayer sword…I cannot feel the Thunderstroke form in me anymore.  It may be disabled for the time being.

Flare_Sorrow: Luckily there are other forms…  Raze-Aurora arise! 


Auroras are beautiful...and in this case...deadly.

Flare_Sorrow holds the sword up to the sky and auroras start to form.  These auroras come closer and closer until they smash through Dekarus’s trees and then completely envelope the sword, surrounding it in a cyan cloud of particles.  Raze-Aurora has been activated.

“Stats of Raze-Aurora”

Range: 1-2, Mt: 22, Crit: 0, ACC: 90
Attacks with this weapon also have a 20% chance of inflicting Ignite for 4 turns. This condition deals damage equivalent to 10% of the enemy's health at the start of every turn. It can kill enemies. This sword cannot inflict Critical hits.

Kagerou: S***.  The sword should be disabled!

Dekarus: Gosh darn!  The sword’s magic is enough to destroy the magic trees of Brunnhilde!

Flare_Sorrow: It seems the tide has turned.  That kunai left me feeling a little weakened, but no matter.  As for you, you cursed Kunoichi…

Flare_Sorrow rushes toward Kagerou despite his thigh injury and via the brave effect of the sword, blasts her twice with the sword’s aura.  Kagerou blocks one of the aurora blasts with the wyrmslayer, but the second smashes into her chest and inflicts Ignite on her.

Kagerou: Ahhhhh!  I must retreat.

Kagerou retreats deep into the forest to Foleo’s position.

Kagerou: Ugh…  I’m really hurt.  Whatever hit me continues to hurt!

Foleo: Relax!  Such status effects only are acute.  It will pass after enough time has elapsed!

Endgame: You can wait here…  I can move again now.

Kagerou: Be careful!

Endgame: Smirks I always am!

Back to Flare_Sorrow

Flare_Sorrow: It is just like a ninja to hide.  You won’t be able to hide for long!  The sky is open again!  Have a taste of Mjolnir!


I need to stress that I don't advocate tree burning.

Lightning once again comes from the sky and smashes into the forest, lighting the whole forest ablaze.  Flare_Sorrow proceeds to continue this, until magic trees get in the way once again.

Dekarus: Ha…Ha…Ha…

Flare_Sorrow: …It seems I will have to deal with you before I can unleash my full power.  Regardless, your trees will fall against the power of the Raze-Aurora.  Now take this!


Pillars of flame should be avoided...these guys didn't get the memo though?

Once again, the aurora blasts smash into the Brunnhilde trees, leveling them. Another blast is sent at Dekarus, but they are stopped cold by a huge pillar of hellfire.

Dekarus: Endgame!

Endgame: Sorry I’m late.

Flare_Sorrow: …So you are back on your feet...prepare to fall to Raze-Aurora!

Endgame: I doubt that…

Flare_Sorrow: What?

Endgame: The Endflame tome can gather power from surrounding flames.  Since you lit the entire forest on fire…you actually made me quite a bit stronger!

Flare_Sorrow: No matter.  Face the wrath of Raze-Aurora at full power!

Aurora blast after aurora blast are sent at Endgame, but all of the fire in the forest builds onto the hellfire pillar that the Endflame tome has summoned and blocks the aurora blasts.  Endgame then sends the pillar at Flare_Sorrow, who blocks it as best he can with the Raze-Aurora.  Again though, the sword bleeds and returns to its Hydra Edge state.  Flare_Sorrow is also burnt along the chest and shoulders, filling his mind with pain.

Flare_Sorrow: F***

Camilla: Flare_Sorrow!  I am coming. Wahhhhh?

A stream of arrows forces Camilla back into cover.

Camilla: WTF!?

FinalActivity: Hate to break it to ya sweetie, but you won’t be interfering!

Camilla: B******!

Flare_Sorrow: Xir, are you alright?

Xir: I’m in a lot of pain!  I probably can’t summon up that form again.  I think there is only one thing left to do…

Flare_Sorrow: F***.  I haven’t had to use that cursed power since I dueled with Mavitar himself.  Gosh, Endgame isn’t worthy of witnessing that power, but I guess I have no choice!  Camilla!  Get down!

Camilla: Wait, are you…?

Flare_Sorrow: I have no choice!  Dusk-Tipper Arise‼‼


All you need to know is darkness can also be used for a tool for MURDER!!!

All the stars in the sky go dark and yet skill, a darkness that blocks out all light appears darker than the darkness itself. It envelopes the Hydra Edge, turning it into a blade of darkness…  Blood is streaming down the blade from previous damage though.  Regardless, it has become Dusk-Tipper…

Stats of “Dusk-Tipper”
Range: 1-3, Mt: 14,Crit: 15%, ACC: 75

Dusk-Tipper steals 15% of any enemy's max health that is within 3 spaces of Flare, and kills any enemy with 15% or lower of their maximum health, stealing this percentage.

Endgame: S***!  He has yet “another” form for that sword!

Flare_Sorrow: Glares You aren’t worthy of seeing this form!  None of you c***s are!  Now take this!

A wave of darkness blasts out from the sword. It strangely goes through Endgame and the others without doing damage, but then, they feel their vitality plummet.

Endgame: …What???

Dekarus: Ugh…I feel drained!

Flare_Sorrow: Heheheheheh!  Now, die!


I wouldn't get too close!!!!!

Flare_Sorrow condenses the darkness into a sphere.  Before he can hurl it at Endgame, he suddenly feels incredibly fatigued…

Flare_Sorrow: …What is this feeling?  Ha…Ha…Ha…

Foleo: You were hit by my weakness staff/1

Kagerou: I’m back!

Flare_Sorrow:  You, I will kill you all!

Flare_Sorrow continues to charge the sphere of darkness and launches it at Team Endgame.

Endgame: Dekarus that is dark magic.  I assume that if your dark magic exceeds it in power, you can block it.

Dekarus: Ya…I doubt that Brunnhilde alone can match that though…

Endgame: Don’t worry, I am with you.  Rally Magic!  Now attack!

Dekarus: Got it!  Brunnhilde‼‼!

Trees of darkness burst from the ground and smash into the sphere of darkness. Neither magic is able to overcome the other at first, but Endgame again uses Rally Magic after it starts to wear off.  The to the damage Xir has already taken weakens the sword, enough so the trees of darkness pierce through the sphere of darkness.

Flare_Sorrow: How…How could this happen.

Kagerou: S***s about to get worse!

Kagerou lunges toward Flare_Sorrow and again smashes her Wyrmslayer into Xir several times.  Blood pours from the sword.  But the sword refuses to change, accepting death before giving up this form.

Flare_Sorrow: Xir!  Be strong!

Xir: I won’t give up!  The power of Dusk-Tipper cannot be beaten!

Kagerou: You seem like a powerful opponent…I think I will use that against you!  Breaking Sky!

Kagerou adds the magic power of Flare_Sorrow to her attacks.  Being a mage fighter, this proves to be an effective course of action.  The Wyrmslayer pierces completely through the “Dusk-Tipper”, finally returning it not to the form of the Hydra Edge, but to the form of an astral dragon that looks like Lilith but male…covered in blood. 

Flare_Sorrow: Xir‼!

Xir: So…my time has finally come…Flare_Sorrow, you need to get out of here while you…still…can…I will hold them…off…as long…as…I…can…


Star Wars is all the rage right now...are you sick of seeing it everywhere yet?

A barrier is erected between the groups that separates Flare_Sorrow and Camilla from the rest of

Team Endgame.

Endgame: Damn it!  I will break through the barrier…Ah…

Despite breaking Dusk-Tipper…the effects of the sword begin to ravage the group. They don’t have the strength to pursue Flare_Sorrow…

Flare_Sorrow: Damn it Xir…

Camilla: We have to leave NOW!  You are cut up and have a lot of skin burnt!  I doubt you can even use Mjolnir in the state you are in more than a few times…look, my mount died from all the arrows.  I know how you are feeling right now, but we have to RUN‼!

Flare_Sorrow: Damn it!  Damn it all!

The group is forced to run, while Foleo attends to the acute effects of the Dusk-Tipper sword.

Dekarus: Damn it, I really wanted to pursue that guy.

Endgame: …I cannot be helped, at least we destroyed his sword.  It does mean we will have to likely face Mjolnir again though…

Lazward: …I know everyone is hurt and all, but I have a joke!  Why do blondes smile in a lightning storm???……………….because they think they are getting their picture taken‼!


Lazward: Ahhhhhhh…too soon?

Endgame: ...Too soon.  I noticed that Aisha wasn’t with Flare_Sorrow, I wonder where she could be…

Foleo: I’m sure she is fine...

Endgame: I hope so…she has been acting weird as of late…

A few miles away from Endgame’s group…

Flare_Sorrow: Ha…Ha…Ha…

Camilla: That should be far enough.  It doesn’t look like we are being pursued.  Let’s bandage you up.

?????: There won’t be any need for that.

Darkness rises from the ground and takes a humanoid shape…the darkness then coalesces into a familiar form.

Flare_Sorrow: Endgame…

Engdame: Not quite…

Flare_Sorrow: What do you mean?

Engdame: It doesn’t matter…  You have served your purpose I guess…  Now all you can do is act as a sacrifice to boost Latino_King's rage.  Now, die…

Flare_Sorrow: As if!  Mjolnir‼!

Lightning from the heavens blasts into Engdame, but for some reason…nothing happens…

Flare_Sorrow: What???

Engdame: Quite the pity, is it?  Before the might of Imhullu, all power is useless…  Before you die, I guess I can tell you two…something…for showing me the power of Mjolnir, for the last time…  I actually look like Endgame, but I’m not really him.  However, I did kill Azura…what a joyous thing I did.

Camilla: You beast!

Engdame: Your last words…and they are wasted on insults.  Whatever…  It suits scum after all…  Now, face the might of Imhullu‼‼


Quite a dark deliverance...

Darkness forms behind Engdame.  It turns into an evil looking face…and then, a blast of darkness comes out of its mouth…and pierces both Flare_Sorrow and Camilla. They both fall to the ground.

Engdame: I guess that’s all folks!  Bahahahahahahahahah‼‼‼  I will take my leave now… 

Engdame teleports away…

Camilla: Flare_Sorrow…are…you…still…with…me?

Flare_Sorrow: ...

?????: Flare_Sorrow‼‼

From a clearing comes a thunder mage, the one who hid during the fight.

Thunder Mage 3: I will apply medical treatment...please let it not be too late…

Camilla: Our…lives…are…long...gone…Ishtar…so soon after losing……your former lover…you…had to…see this…

Ishtar: …Gah…please, don’t die!


Ishtar: …Rest in peace…Someday, I will become strong enough to avenge you.  At the very least, I can use Mjolnir in your steed…I will make those b******s pay…I swear…

She buries the two of them together, and heads off toward Team Endgame.

Endgame: What the heck happened?

Foleo: It looked like a Mjolnir blast happened a little while ago.  Anyway, the effects of “that blade” should have worn off…  We should be fine now.

Misha-Heart: Let’s go check it out!

?????: There is no need…

Ishtar emerges from behind a tree.

Ishtar: …Flare_Sorrow and Camilla are both dead.

Kagerou: What?

Ishtar: A “fake Endgame” killed them with the power of Imhullu…

Endgame: “Fake Endgame”???

Ishtar: He claimed to have killed Azura…I guess that means you are innocent Endgame.

Endgame: Ya…


This pretty lady has joined the party!

Ishtar: For the time being, can I join you?  I have inherited Tordo’s blood in my veins!  I can use the power of Mjolnir as well as bolting to avenge Flare_Sorrow and his love Camilla!  Plus, hopefully I can convince others to believe you are innocent of the slander you are accused of.

Endgame: Heheheh…a “Fake Endgame” huh?  Anyway, welcome aboard!  By the way, have you seen a girl by the name of Aisha?

Ishtar: …I heard that Camilla told her a lie to make her not trust you…and then she ran off…I don’t know where she is…

Endgame: …Huh…at least she is alright…

Chapter Ends

Team Endgame Unit Status: (Note, Endgame gains levels like an unpromoted unit.)

  • Endgame: Sage: Endflame (Stage 1), Elfire Tome, Fire Tome, Heal Staff: Level 15/40: Skills: Ignis, Magic +2, Fortune, Rally Magic, Tomefaire
  • Dekarus: Ritualist; Brunnhilde, Steel Kunai; Level 16/40: Noble Lineage, Dragon Fang, Odd Rhythm, Bind
  • Lazward: Mercenary: Steel Sword, Levin Sword, Vulnerary: Level 16/20: Girl Lover, Stubbornness, Patient Assurance
  • ivanhellsing: Mercenary: Steel Sword: Level 17/20: Wrath, Defence Seal, Stubbornness, Patient Assurance
  • Misha-Heart: Samurai: Killing Edge: Level 16/20: Luna, Flowing Strike, Vantage
  • FinalActivity: Outlaw: Killer Bow: Level 17/20: Nohrian Restraint, Bind, Locktouch, Movement +1
  • Foleo: Rod Knight: Heal Staff, Weakness Staff, Freeze Staff: Level 19/20: Foul Play, Resistance +2, Distinguished Son
  • Gwonam_is_Bae: Outlaw: Silver Bow, Iron Bow: Level 17/20: Pierce, Locktouch, Movement +1
  • Kagerou: Elite Kinja: Silver Kunai, Steel Kunai, Wyrmslayer: Level 2/20: Ninja Reversal, Locktouch, Snake Venom, Breaking Sky
  • Ishtar: Mage: Mjolnir, Bolting, Heal Staff: Level 15/20: Adept, Vantage, Magic +2, Fortune, Draconic Curse
  • MIA: Aisha: Dark Mage: Nosferatu; Level 14/20; Skills: Vengeance, Bind, Devilish Wind

Endgame's Side

  1. Endgame (Protagonist: Sage With Endflame)
    1. MIA: Aisha (Waifu of Endgame: Sorcerer with Nosferatu)
  2. ivanhellsing (Loves Hatred and Hates Kamui Worship; Mercenary)
  3. Dekarus (Loves Garon's Excrements, lel)
  4. Lazward (Loves Dark Character-Related Puns)
  5. Misha-Heart (Hates Reddit Trolls)
  6. FinalActivity (A True Sadist)
  7. Foleo (The Boy With The Best Fashion Sense In The Army)
  8. Gwonam_is_Bae: (Outlaw that possesses much power. Formerly guarded the neutral lands.)
  9. Kagerou: (An elite ninja who was formerly SpellcraftQuill's lover. Joins Endgame for vengeance against her lover's killer.)
  10. Ishtar: (The former lover of the late Yurius. Wields the power of Mjolnir.)
  11. Charlotte: (A gold digger who is actually very powerful. Formerly served Acerola-orion.)
  12. Ex-Member: Einvalt (Turned Traitor In Chapter 7; Hates Azura)

Latino_King's Side

  1. Latino_King (Master of Lewdness; Recently made peace with Endgame but... Wields a sword called Lucis imbued with the power of Naga; Is a Swordmaster)
    1. Effie (Waifu)
    2. Orochi (Waifu)
    3. FloraTheMaid (A Wonderful Meido of Latino_King)
  2. Acerola-orion (The Lewd One; A Bishop of much power; Dead as of Chapter 9)
    1. Charlotte (Waifu; she joined Team Endgame after Acerola-orion died)
  3. Flare_Sorrow (Causes Endgame's Great Aisha Meltdown: Mage Fighter; Raijiri+Mjolnir; Aether, Breaking Sky, Astra, Vantage, Lethality, and Expose; Dead as of Chapter 8)
    1. Camilla (Waifu; Dead as of Chapter 8)
  4. ChenYakumo (A smut writer for Latino_King)
  5. Technickal1 (An Ally of Latino_King; Loves to be noticed; A Berserker of Much Power)
  6. PlasmaStar (An Ally of Latino_King; A Master Tactician; Grandmaster; Lightning Tome Forged Named "Light Star" as well as Brave Sword and Silver Sword; Counter, Aegis, Pavise, Rally Spectrum, and Aether)
    1. Pieri (Waifu)

Team Mavitar (Not Involved With Either Faction, But Still Anti-Endgame)

  1. Mavitar (Leads The Anti-Endgame Brigade: Hero That Deals Incredible Damage To Endgame Affiliated Units, uses a sword called Cryogen and has the skills Vantage, Sol, Resolve, Miracle, and Swordfaire)
    1. Felicia (Waifu)
  2. SpellcraftQuill (The Game's Gharnef: Sorcerer with Double Forged Averse's Night with Vengeance, Wrath, Aether, Rightful God, and Dragon Skin; Dies In Chapter 7)
    1. Kagerou (SpellcraftQuill's Waifu; Later Joins Endgame)
    2. HOOHAHHE (SpellcraftQuill's Underling; Dies In Chapter 1)
  3. Apocrypha (Leader of the Church of Azura; Mortal Enemy of Einvalt)
    1. Azura (Heterosexual Life Partner)
  4. Cobalnite (One who wishes to uphold the peace: A Grandmaster that deals increased damage if a close one to him has been hurt, uses a forged Celica's Gale and Killing Edge, with Vantage, Vengeance, Aether, Ignis, and Aegis)
    1. Azura (Waifu)
  5. PhantasticPhool (A follower of Mavitar's. Known As The Finest Bowman in the land; Movement+1, Pass, Counter, Miracle, and Astra; Silver Yumi; Personal skill is Ardent Spirit: Luck % chance to attack once more. Happens in battle.)

Unaligned Anti-Endgame Characters

  1. Gheb_ (The Smexyness; Killed In Chapter 3)
  2. EndKingPeach (Endgame and Latino_King's "Child"; Hates Everything, but especially Endgame)
  3. LatinoEndgame (Endgame and Latino_King's "Child; Dead as of Chapter 5)

Team Midoriko (Evil People)

  1. Midoriko (Mysterious Character Who Leads The Underworld Drug Trade)
  2. Einvalt (Ex-Member of Team Endgame...Hates Azura...has joined with Midoriko)
  3. LimboStudios (Hates Everything; SpellcraftQuill's Former Underling)
  4. Engdame (An Endgame Imposter; Sows Trouble for Endgame)


  1. wind64a (Kellam)
  2. Raidken (Has no interest in joining sides, but enjoys watching people suffer.)
  3. Sgt_Pepper (Joins Endgame's Side later)