I wish that you would hold me tight, tell me you love me, and never let go...

Foleo has been a GameFAQs user since 13 September 2015. He is a roleplayer of Forrest from Fire Emblem Fates (then known by his Japanese name Foleo). One of the most faithful RP accounts to the character, you feel as if you were actually listening to Forrest himself when reading his words.

He used to have some kind of romantic relationship with Latino_King, but now they are on good terms. He has just broken up with Asugi.

Likes Edit

  1. Cuteness
  2. Wearing dresses
  3. Having a great fashion sense
  4. Siegbert (his cousin)

Dislikes Edit

  1. Trolls
  2. Rude, nasty people
  3. People that don't understand his love of dresses

Quotes Edit

  1. Oh? Hello Latino~ You seem troubled, what's wrong?
  2. *sobs* S-So this is what I've predicted ... T-This is for the best ... *sniffs*
  3. I... will be fine, don't worry..