FreeFalco is a very eccentric user. He posts a wide range of topics and comments, which succeed usuaTails15809lly in keeping people off guard. He also isn't afraid to speak his mind if he feels a certain way.

He also appreciates both Birthright and Conquest for what they offer. This makes him differ from most people, who have an obvious slant one way or the other.

He describes himself as someone that sleeps a lot and goes on Gfaqs when he's half asleep. Usually when he's in a super relaxed mood and posts innovative topics that he really doesn't care for the topic (unless about lunatic chapters or optimization), he just wants to see what people say and whether they can respond to something so abstract so seriously. He also can s***post counter argument responses towards them for days

He is also incredibly OP just like his character. FEAR HIM!


  1. Rattling people's nerves
  2. Posting topics designed to rattle people up and then not posting in them
  3. Downtime


  1. Hana
  2. People who think that Falco should be nerfed


  1. Why is it ok for Hana to hate Corrinhcjancianc over getting kidnapped but
  2. Something nice about Anna dlc
  3. Birthright may be easy but it makes a great breather


  1. Why is it ok for Hana to hate Corrin over getting kidnapped but...It's bad to blame women for being raped. Isn't that basically the same principle?
  2. Do yourself a favor and listen to Hinata's dialogue and then listen to Takumis dialogue in battle
  3. Sure Birthright lunatic might be easy for you but it's very chill and much less stressful to play. Especially for one like myself that plays Conquest on lunatic and sometimes after the more enduring chapters I don't feel like jumping into the next hard chapter and instead want to relax and chill. That's when I can switch to my alternate Birthright playthrough and still be able to enjoy Fire Emblem without being forced to use hard thought tactics. Basically the equivalent of when you just want to run around in a giant open world game but you don't want to do current objectives yet.
  4. We get it. You're a god at this game
  5. Thats basically how Birthright feels. Just like running around in a large open world game while on break from the current story objectives. I just finished chapter 19 of Conquest and after looking at the large scale of a map that 20 is, I decided I would relax a bit and play some chill missions of BR and just run through chapters with some of their unbalanced royals


  1. FreeFalco, much like Falco, is OP. Get used to it!.
  2. He actually claims not to like Falco at all. He just uses it because people were saying #FreeWolf in Smash Bros and this was his way to s***post online. :^)