Ginja_Ninja has been a GameFAQs user since 17 May 2015, though he spectated on the board for well before that. He is the Official Deus ex Machina of the Create a Fire Emblem: Fates Character topic series. He has a friendly rivalry with FinalActivity, in the same way that the Clippers have a friendly rivalry with the Warriors.

Unlike many people who have fought Endgame and have either been locked in an endless conflict for all eternity or who have lost their minds completely and have long since given into madness, Ginja_Ninja has smartly realized the futility of the struggle, making many realize he is of a superior breed, free from having to fight endless conflicts. Truly, like a wise sage, he has achieved Nirvana and has eternal peace of mind...something that many envy and will never have the sweet taste of knowing...such is the price of fighting Endgame... A generally down to earth individual, if Ginja_Ninja were to possess any illness, it would be a severe case of 'keeping it real'.

Likes Edit

  1. Saizou
  2. Felicia, but he knows she really belongs to Mavitar. I mean, look at that photo. It's sooooo cute!
  3. Being lucid
  4. Avoiding pointless, endless conflicts
  5. Ninjas
  6. Dueling with words with FinalActivity

Dislikes Edit

  1. Endgame, End_King_Peach, Latino_Endgame, or in whatever form of trollishness he may rear his head
  2. Pointless, endless conflicts

Topics Edit

  1. Create a Fire Emblem Fates Character (225 Revival Topics And Counting)
  2. Who Should Be Paired With Whom? Polls (discontinued) (20 total) (continued in the children's generation as the "Who deserves to be with who?" polls by Zinie95)

Quotes Edit

  1. *sigh* Fighting Endgame is like fighting a Wobbuffet. It depends on you hitting it for it to be able to attack, but counters your attacks with greater strength. On top of that, it is incredibly resilient, and once you engage with it, it's impossible to escape.
  2. Alystra: Oh, I believe you! It's just...even for you, that hamminess level was waaaay over 9,000.
  3. YAAY I'm not alone!
  4. Maturity is not directly related to age, believe it or not. Else the entirety of this board would probably be around 10 years old.
  5. There's overstepping the boundaries and then there's running over them with a tank at 70 miles per hour.