Gunz77 is a GameFAQs user, active since November of 2015. He enjoys jumping in to interesting topics and attempting to derail them, though he also enjoys the rare, rational discussions that emerge from the chaos.

He was a long time lurker before actually making his account, initially just to ask a question. He then firmly affixed himself to the FE Fates Conquest board, and discovered that it's a great place to kill time, and brain cells.

He has almost completely abandoned the FE boards, and no longer posts in them, preferring to shitpost on the Pokemon, Zelda, and Monster Hunter boards.

Likes Edit

  • The suffering of others
  • Derailed topics

Dislikes Edit

  • Effort
  • Boredom

Topics Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Latino_King is his first official friend on GameFAQS
  • He was temporarily suspended for accidentally breaking the profanity filter
  • He has a shiny new alt called 77znuG (Creative, I know)
  • 77znuG was banned in 2016
  • Also occasionally uses his GoIisopod account on SunFAQs

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