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  1. Animals (Living and Extinct)
  2. Legos
  3. Kingdom Hearts
  4. Pokemon
  5. Cheesecake
  6. Fire Emblem (Duh)
  7. Fallout
  8. Overwatch
  9. Video Games in General
  10. Mythology
  11. Turkey Sandwiches
  12. Music
  13. Books
  14. Movies
  15. Tsunderes
  16. Cracked (Mostly for the glory that is Bucholz)
  17. History (those that do not learn from it are doomed to repeat it)
  18. Viking Funerals (They're awesome, okay)


  1. Trolls (especially Pheros and the Smashfaqs trolls)
  2. Random Enemy Crits
  3. Math


finally got my copy of Conquest

You are trapped in a room with the Endgame, Iago, and Hans

Dusk's Chosen (All Avatar Conquest Hard Run)


Unrelated to the GoT/ASoI&F discussion, but has anyone realized how f***ed over Poland is? Stuck between Germany and Russia, It was utterly screwed and doomed to be taken over. But The Poles should have known better then to settle there, Even though they were a fairly strong power and no one knew That Those Germans and the Backwater Slavs getting f***ed over by the Mongols would be such a hassle, but they should have chosen a better place to live/Sarcasm

Oh no, I use a site I like! What will happen, will the internet police come and throw me in the Web Gulags?


  • A buddy of mine saw Jdeo take his shirt off in the shower and he said Jdeo had an 8 pack. That Jdeo was shredded.
  • Has claimed a board for social stuff
  • Tried to make a Discord server for the board to use. It went to hell quickly.
    • Later tried it again with some changes, actually achieving success.
  • Has a habit of randomly ripping off his clothes in Social Threads, revealing either another outfit that usually violates several natural laws, or a random animal.