If you're expecting some inncoent little blonde girl behind Lissa's username, your expectations are as right as left. 


The BIGGEST TRAP in GameFAQS history.

LissaTheCleric (AKA Simply_Liss)

HE is one of the most sweetest guys you can hope to ever meet. He's also pretty chill. Joining Gamefaqs in November of last year, he was a nobody. Making a lot of positivity topics, however, boosted his appeal to many users. He is one of the youngest users at FatesFAQS at the moment, being born in January of 2002. He has the habit of apologizing a TAD TOO MUCH foir no damn reason. 

Lissa's innocence has been COMPLETELY depleted now. He, though still a sweetie pie, has been exposed to poisonous amounts of "Lewd" (or just teen hormones). It has gotten so cringey, hot, and entertaining at times out of hand that he has earned the nickname "Lewdsa" by fellow user HoshinoKatta, who probably will fall to Liss's charm in the future just as 8 other users have. Pick a god and pray for Brother Hosh.

Even though some may find him "Meh" material, there is NO DOUBT that King Liss livens things up at the boards on a daily basis. 


  • Lewdsa
  • Liss


  • He has REALLY great voice direction. He can sound like a little girl and a grown man. His acting skills are also good; He has succesfully faked sickness to stay home from school multiple times and did great in school acts. 
  • Is only 14. Thus, he is classified as "Male Jailbait"
  • Seems to get along well with most users such as Azure_Corry, _Mistress_Zelda, PoisonedYouth, Zinia etc.
  • Is shipped hard with a few users.
  • LOVES his lewd milk. 
  • Kinda wants to be a VA when he gets older.
  • Lives in a small town in Louisiana.
  • bun rubs <33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333
  • He is the 5th member of the "Rhajat Muskateers"