Original Units (AKA Original Characters or OCs) are fan created characters inspired by the Fire Emblem franchise, or any franchise really.  On the Fire Emblem Fates board OC are mostly seen in topics run by GatedSunOne who created a thread dedicated to creating OCs for GameFAQs users that are interested.  Users are encouraged to develop their new characters through GSO's and bfidle's supports threads.

GSO TemplateEdit


Favorite Classes

Preferred Realm


Hated Character(s)

What do you love best about Fire Emblem? Dislike?

List some trivial things about yourself, outside the gaming circle.


1.)  Post here, and I'll Have You Remade into a FE Unit.

2.)  Post here, and I'll Have You Remade into a FE Unit. (Revival)

3.)  Come up with a Support for yourself and a FE Character. (Non-Romance Version)

4.)  You are now having an S-Rank and/or H-Rank Support with your FE Waifu/Husbando.

5.)  Coming up with S Rank/H Rank Supports Part II

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