Pizel has not been present on the GameFAQs Board for very long, but has already caused plenty of noise. This comes primarily from his brash statements.

Upon seeing Camilla, she immediately thought that she was Xander's whore or just trashy. He didn't have very nice opinions about the rest of the Nohr Royal Family.

His opinions don't stop at just the Nohr Royal Family. They even extend to the Hoshido Royal Family as well. He mistook Hinoka to be a man...perhaps he secretly wishes that she was one...who knows?

Many people believe that this user delights in baiting people with terrible, (un)surprising opinions. This, this user may actually be a troll. This is not confirmed though, since it is hard to tell if he actually believes what he is posting or not.

Likes Edit

  1. Slut Shaming
  2. Thinking Camilla is Xander's whore or just trashy.
  3. Thinking that many Marth characters are just Marth lookalikes.
  4. Hinoka since she looks like a badass
  5. Baiting (GameFAQs Users)
  6. Azura

Dislikes Edit

  1. Women who dress immodestly.
  2. Targaryen lookalikes
  3. Targaryen anything...

Topics Edit

  1. What the f*** is going on with Camilla's armour

Quotes Edit

  1. (Referring to Camilla) Is she Xander's whore or is she trashy?
  2. (Referring to Elise) The little oni san annoying girl dresses up like a f***ing normal little annoying girl
  3. (Referring to Leo) The targaryen version of marth with upgraded dragon armour looks like something from a GoT fanfiction of the valyrian empire but he isnt lewd or anything like Henry sorcerer armour
  4. (Referring to Xander) and Xander looks like a Targaryen bastard as well
  5. (Referring to Hinoka) And your real sister in hoshido who is like the parralel of camilla looks like a f***ing soldier I mistook her for a man at first glance
  6. I want to play conquest because it isnt p**** emblem like awakening and stuff is but jeez
  7. Or is camilla freaky like tharja?
  8. Well I get it but margaery doesnt dress up as a whore and she has the same mentality.
  9. (Referring to Camilla...again) I dont care about her t*** but its ridiculous how you can see her panties
  10. If camilla dressed normally she would be as MUCH waifu material as her current armour
  11. Anna > All

Trivia Edit

  1. Very likely, he is copycatting the other infamous users who intentionally hold unpopular opinions to gain infamy.
  2. Pizel and LimboStudios would likely get along just fine.

3. He is a Fire Emblem Hardcore Elitist