PoisonedYouth was a GameFAQs user from 24 March 2015 to July 2016. She was generally accepted as the canon waifu of Xander, for her love for him was deeper than any sea and hotter than any star.  She fell hard for him as soon as the first (Japanese) trailer was released, so one might say it was love at first sight, and with each passing day, her feelings only grew more powerful.

She was known to post a Xander topic more or less daily, praising various features of his appearance and character, or serenading him with sweet poetry, though she also a legacy of "sleep-posting." Unfortunately, she has halted Roleplaying...which is pretty sad.

PoisonedYouth has official decided to leave the GameFAQs community, largely as a result of Latino_King. The details are here.

Official mother-in-law of Velouria (user).


  1. Xander (Her Husbando)
  2. Siegbert (Her Beloved Son)
  3. Fire Emblem Fanart
  4. Tails15809 and His Sexually Alluring Voice


  1. Birthright Chapter 26
  2. Charlotte and everything she stands for
  3. 'The glaringly obvious "Nohr is evil/Hoshido is pure" thing'
  4. Gheb_ (He claims she cannot appreciate him...)


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  2. Pre-order Questions
  3. Would you still love your waifu/husbando if...? (spoilers)
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  33. Xander's Circlet Appreciation Thread


  1. Thank you. This is beautiful.
  2. Yes, there is an in-depth backstory explaining why Azura doesn't wear shoes. It's masterfully told, providing extensive detail and poignant insight into her character's tragic backstory. You see, she briefly worked for a shoe factory, but she was mistreated by the Shoe Lords that ran the factory. They didn't pay her reasonably for her extra hours or compensate her for the medical bills she had to pay as a direct result of the scarring psychological damage of working at the shoe factory. As such, she fled and vowed to never wear shoes again. When she confided in Kamui, s/he decided to do the same so Azura was not bombarded with unpleasant memories whenever she glimpsed the lower-leg area of her best friend. This support chain WAS only unlockable in IK, but it was removed last minute due to the disturbing anecdotes Azura shares about the Shoe Lords, but I am the world's greatest hacker, and I uncovered it myself.
  3. Thank you. If you were a Fire Emblem Fates character, I would aggressively rub your face.
  4. (To Xander) Your words flatter me to no end. And remember - we have a Siegbert. ;)
  5. How romantic. ;)
  6. What am I doing with my life? Googling pictures of noses to compare them to my fictional husband so I can prove an unimportant point on Gamefaqs. Actually, I didn't even use Google. I used Bing. I'm a mess. Don't look at me. BING.
  7. I'd seductively whisper, "My King," in Lord Xander's ear and then kneel before him as he sits on his throne - the throne room completely empty in the dark of the night, only brightened by a single candle fixture on the cold, stone walls.
  8. Oreos aren't smug and racist.
  9. You speakeath heresies, foul sorcerer. (In response to, "Oreos are terrible. Chips Ahoy is the superior cookie.")
  10. I will call Xander "milord," primarily, but I will also seductively whisper "my king" in his ear in the heat of passion, my voice ragged and breathless. Or perhaps scream it, depending on how well the night goes.
  11. This is my refuge from the Star Wars hype. Don't bring it up in here.

    Star Wars is meh, LoTR is forever superior.
  12. "Lateenoh, I hereby declare us board enemies.!" - In response to this topic by Latino King

Response to Xander trying to seduce her

Accept and be submissive.

A seemingly normal private dinner with Xander takes a rather unexpected turn when he leans to my ear, his lips pressed comfortably against it, and whispers, "Please...would you stay the night with me...?"

A deep shade of crimson spreads across my cheeks and nose. "Certainly, my love." The answer seems to surprise him, but it is tricky to tell for sure, as his eyes are burning with lust and his expression is difficult to decipher I have always acted the perfect lady - a reserved and proper young maiden, demure and easily blushing at his flattery, but as he leads me to his chambers, gently pulling me inside once we've reached the sturdy double doors, I shed my coat and lay across his king-size bed with newfound poise.

"Do whatever you'd like with lord," I breathe.

Random Trivia

  1. She occasionally posts fan art.
  2. She used to run the RP accounts BisexualZero, Tact_Yukimura, LordVirion, and Twisted_Mind
  3. Her relationship with Endgame:

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