Red Empire: The Chaos Feast (formerly known as GameFAQs Fire Emblem Fates RPG) is an RPG Maker MV game being made by SpellcraftQuill inspired by the GameFAQS Fire Emblem Fates board set in his own constructed world but not connected to the main canon.

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The Free Lands of Falkia Edit

A land untouched by the Novus Lux and dreaded by many a

traveller for its constant bloodshed. Even though there

is not one ruler of these lands, scholars and bards call it

the Red Empire due to the endless warfare ravaging

its soils. It boarders the realms of Salt, a desert no man

would dare trespass.

Falkia's two primary warring forces are those of Elkon, the

elitist Magus who holds himself above the other Falkians

and the warlord LeSalle, a man who fancies himself the king

of Falkia.

There is a third faction led by the young hero Maxodas

with the assistance of two Navarrean refugees who served

its Dragon before the kingdom's fall that wish to bring

peace to the land. Also along them is a renegade

sorceror who has his own designs in the

conquest of the Red Empire that sees Elkon and LeSalle

as threats...

Will this land know peace? Will despair ever reign?

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Red Empire Character Select and Intro

Red Empire Character Select and Intro