Role-Playing (AKA RPing) is an activity where a user creates an account named after a Fire Emblem character, and acts as if they are that character.

History of Role-Play Edit

Role-Playing first appeared on the Conquest board in mid September. While several users enjoyed the different interpretations of Fire Emblem Fates characters that these users brought in addition to the humor they often provided there were those other users that were annoyed by the influx of random RP topics. In an attempt to satisfy the negative users an "Official Role-Play Topic" and eventually "Other Role-Play Topic" was created to keep a majority of the Role-Playing contained. Since then the official topic has moved to a separate board, while the "Other Role-Play Topic" continues to flourish on the Conquest board so that new RPers may gain karma.

Notable Role-Players Edit




Latino_King (Himself in the role of a peasant)

PoisonedYouth (Herself as Marx/Xander's wife, BisexualZero, Subaki, LordVirion, and Twisted_Mind.)

Notable Role-Play Topics Edit

The Other Role-Play Topic 16