Official Wife of Prince Siegbert of Nohr, making her the daughter-in-law of PoisonedYouth.

Velouria, used to be Tharja, is known for having various alts across the board, and is an active member of the Create Your Own Character Role-play as the well as the Fire Emblem Role-play based on the Revelations board, she's been a member of GameFAQs since March 15, 2015 as Tharja.

A huge Yuri fan and girl-lover, absolutely adores YuriKuma Arashi and also a huge Magical Girl fan. Listens to a lot of rap music, including Run DMC as her favorite group. Gavin Free from Roosterteeth's biggest fan, #1. Also hates Asugi, very much. Definitely does not like Undertale that is for nerds, and also definitely does not like MLP. Constantly talks about Colorguard and is very passionate about the sport, once it's brought up, expect to be spammed with 50 videos of her favorite WGI groups. Same goes for Shakespeare.

All her alts listed are marked by an unique Mettaton quote.


  • Siegbert
  • Gavin Free
  • Lulu Yurigasaki
  • Yuri
  • Fire
  • Money
  • Colorguard
  • Make-up and Fashion
  • Shakespeare
  • Rap/Hip-hop
  • Mettaton


  • Asugi
  • Sweets
  • Mettaton
  • People who make fun of Siegbert's hair
  • Not much else


  • Enjoys Youtubers such as Vinesauce, ADoseOfBuckley, Roosterteeth, LeafyisHere, and various amv editors
  • Favorite rappers are Run DMC, N.W.A., Lighter Shades of Brown, Cypress Hill, Beastie Boys
  • Favorite Winterguards are Onyx, Black Gold, Aimachi, Santa Clara Vanguard
  • Gavin Free's number one fan comfirmed