During this saga, Hisame goes on a rampage and stumbles across ThePicklez1, leader of the SmashFAQ trolls. Due to having Pickle in their username, Hisame kidnaps and fuses with them and starts wreaking havoc on FateFAQs and SmashFAQs. Both boards become hostile towards one another, SmashFAQs blames FateFAQs for the mess, due to Hisame being a FE character, but FateFAQs blames SmashFAQs for the mess, as ThePicklez1 is from there. Both boards plan to host a duel at high noon to settle it once and for all. Before attacking one another, Strawby, jdeo1997, Jiggz and Potato give the idea that they should join forces to destroy Picklez!Hisame instead. Reluctantly, both boards join forces. Unfortunately, almost everyone from both boards die because the Pickle attacks used by Picklez!Hisame were too powerful. Now, it's up to the children of the FateFAQ'ers and SmashFAQ'ers that were left in the Deeprealms and Smashrealms to finish the job. They will also have to fight Pickle versions of everyone that died during the final battle.

After the war, both boards form a neutrality pack, and start to get along. Sadly nobody cared enough to kill Hisame's ugly ass.

Survivors: Iron610 Cobalnite

Major Deaths: Endgame (Impaled by Pickle!Lissa) Tails (Choked on Pickle!Camilla) Jiggz (Wasn't Puffy enough, got crushed by a giant Pickle)

Minor Deaths: Everyone else

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