Starbutterfly (Real name: Kanatsuki or "Kana") has been a user on GameFAQs since June 9th, 2014. He's the board's biggest yaoi fanboy, and is a direct opposite to Tharja, the board's biggest yuri fangirl. He talks about yanderes quite a lot, and the psychology behind them. He also likes cute things, often things so cute the average man would get diabetes, an example being his obsession for j-pop artist Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and adoration for Sweet Lolita dresses (He crossdresses in these dresses). At the same time, he also loves extreme body horror (especially maiming), gore, blood and death. Example being his love for guro, and the movie Saw. He's an actor in the "Create a Fire Emblem Fates Character - Revival" series.



Cute stuff

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Sweet Lolita Fashion




His sig changes more often than the seasons.

He has asthma, and complains a lot about it.

Many of his characters are either extremely sweet or extremely sadistic.

He uses emoticons very often, his favorites being :D and :3