Strawby is a Gamefaqs user (Obviously). He's pretty nice, if a bit crazy. Wields a Glaive and has a plethora of cards that bestow the holder various powers. Seems indifferent to most things that happen on the boards. He is the official okay lord on the Fire Emblem Fates Discord. He is know to have the alts OkayLord and Strawby. 3 of his other alts were banned by Ken Oh (also known as Azure Flame) after he reported them for posting "Okay." Strawby has admitted to being incredibly salty about this. Strawby was and still is a member of the CAFEFCR topics before they disbanded and moved to a secret board.

Trivia Edit

  • His Glaive is a doctor. A doctor of the Healing Shiv kind
  • Occasionally mentions a Brenda person
  • Okay
  • Is a member of The Dance Party for Liberation

Quotes Edit







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