Picture Name Other Names No.
Tails.png 095.png
Japan: Gyaroppu
French: Galopa
German: Gallopa
Korean: 날쌩마
National: #078
Central: #---
Coastal: #---
Mountain: #---
Hoenn: #---
Classification Height Weight
Fire Horse Pokémon 5'07"
Gender Ratio Type Capture Rate Base Egg Steps Effort Values Earned Egg Groups
Male :50%
Female :50%
Fire.gif 60 5,120 60 Dragon

                        Club formed after Tails started being boring and losing his waifu gimmick. This list now shows users who are against him, at least until he returns to his normal self.

Members: jdeo1997, Zinie95, Chaneeko, Zeniaaaa, Cobalnite, Endgame, UnlessJack, Strawby, Lily, KenOh, HoshinoKatta, Garchomp, ToadFan4Ever, MetaFalconPunch, CakeOfLies, Silas, Kyojo, bfidle, Technickal1, and everyone else.

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