GameFAQs will now begin a search for a long-departed member of FatesFAQs. Tails15809 disappeared without a word, and has left many people wondering where he is. Around 8-10 different people are currently conducting summoning rituals on a secret board to bring him back, which don't seem to be working. Even Endgame misses him. Efforts should be made outside of GameFAQs to find him. Find any possible way to contact him to return to us... lest his waifu dies.

...Or marries Silas.

Whoever succeeds in bringing him back gets a cookie.

Possible reasons he could've left:

-The girl he had a crush on murdered him

-He got into a crash and died. Or died in another way.

-He's homeless and has no internet anymore

-His computer or phone broke. 

-He is now married and has no time to be on the site (LOL)

-He got hacked and someone changed his original password. And wasn't able to make another alt account due to being banned several times before.

-He got arrested in real life for committing a crime. ...As he was perverted on the board, it is possible he became a sex offender and got arrested for a sexual crime.

-Jdeo killed him

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