The Sub-Human Hunter's Guild is an organization started by TheSpartan45 on August 3, 2016. The Guild strives to destroy any and all Sub-humans in the 3DS Fire Emblem games. The guild was created due to the Anti-Nina topic already being made, but is based off of an obscure thread in another forum.

Original topic:

Second Topic:

Current Topic:

Roster Edit

Guildmaster: TheSpartan45

Elite Hunters (Have successfully hunted a Sub-Human): Musashi_

Experienced Hunters (Have been apart of Guild for one day): private_pwnge, Anankos, SirPliskin, Flare_Sorrow, Danger_Close, Big-Wicket, Trax7263, Stawby, XXgarchompxX, _Erai

Plebs: Kyojo777, LostWhisperer, ArarisVael, goodJT, TheWaifuWar, McLahey

Tr8rs: Trickster_Anna

Trivia Edit

  • An imposter Guild was created by Trickster_Anna named the "Sub-Human Hunter's commitee".
  • The guild has strong MH vibes, most likely due to TheSpartan45 being an avid fan of the series.
  • Most of the members don't take it seriously, or don't even understand it.