Thracia776 is a rather active and semi-serious user, who tends to post random things, hate on Hayato, and countertroll users like Sylawaatch. He is quite possibly the largest hater of Hayato ever. He also tends to make a lot of jokes about Flora being hot, which could probably be seen as a bit cruel.

Likes Edit

  1. Braixen
  2. Pokemon
  3. Fire Emblem
  4. Flora jokes
  5. Velouria

Dislikes Edit

  1. Hayato
  2. Hayato's fans
  3. Tokyo Mirage Sessions # FE (though only by a slim margin)
  4. Kinshi Knights (the class)
  5. Hayato

Trivia Edit

  • He saved over his Revelation file for a Hard/Classic Conquest file on accident.
  • He believes Hayato is the spawn of Azathoth and needs to be destroyed.