As his name implies...

ThreeDualScreen has been a GameFAQs User since 4 February 2014. Known better by such aliases like UnknownUber and FeliciaTheMaid, he is known for popping in time to participate in random topics with no substance and for being a contributing factor to the great RP Boom on the board with his alt account. His Waifu is Felicia and his love for her transcends everything... He considers Mavitar a fraud, since ThreeDualScreen has claimed Felicia as his waifu since Fates' announcement. He has a strange dislike for Azura to the point where nearly everyone hates him for it. He's also one of the few people on the boards who have actually played the game prior to English release.

Likes: Edit

  1. Felicia
  2. Random Anime Nobody Watches
  3. Yukimura
  4. Not Azura

Dislikes Edit

  1. Azura
  2. Mavitar
  3. Anyone who tries to take Felicia (Again Mavitar)

Topics Edit

  1. How is Gunther so high on the poll?

Quotes Edit

  1. Do people like Senile old men?

Trivia Edit

  1. On Serenes Forest, he runs the main Support Log and Marriage Topics
  2. He's the first person in the FE: Awakening Community to have completed a CYOA
  3. He acts nothing like he does on Gamefaqs in other parts of the web.