Make my own
"Veni Vidi vici (I came, I saw, I conquered)"~Jdeo at some point.
The XCVII (97) Legion (named as such because Jdeo is a history nerd) is Jdeo's own team which he made after being put in every other team.

History Edit

XCVII Territory

When the Teams were formed, Jdeo1997 kept getting dragged into them. Eventually, he got fed up, exclaiming "Fuck this, I'm making my own team. With Blackjack and Hookers". However, instead of forgetting the whole thing, Jdeo came back in 1 A.F. (After Fates) with an army, already gaining territory and even having some Friendly "Neighbor" States who are Pseudo-Legion Territory. With the great Fatesfaqs war approaching, only time will tell if this army in control of a nation will be able to survive.


Members Edit

  • Jdeo1997 (Princeps)
    • His Army of Maids and Butlers

Music Edit

Fallout NV- Caesar's Legion Theme OST (HQ) 320 Kbps02:14

Fallout NV- Caesar's Legion Theme OST (HQ) 320 Kbps

Fallout- New Vegas - Battle of Hoover Dam (Caesar's Legion)02:08

Fallout- New Vegas - Battle of Hoover Dam (Caesar's Legion)

1st: Base theme

2nd: Battle Theme

Quotes Edit

"Ut deleantur nostra aemulos (Our rivals must be destroyed)"~Jdeo before, during, and after some speeches

"Inveni nova Roma urbs lateribus, et marmore urbem reliquit. (I found New Rome a city of bricks, and I have left it a city of marble.)"

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