Xerves_Black, a longtime lurker on GameFAQs even before finally making his account. You've probably never heard of him; in fact you were probably wondering who he was when you clicked this page. Truthfully, there isn't much to say about this lurker beyond that he greatly enjoys watching the chaos of GameFAQs and is thoroughly enjoying Fire Emblem: Fates.

Original Unit Profile Edit

Name: Xerves

Sex: Male

Loyalty: Nohr (Rivals the royal family itself with his fealty)

Class: Dark Blood

Unique Weapon: Fafnyrg XIII (Xerves only. A Dragonstone that grants +13 to all stats and allows the User to strike enemies from extreme distances (much like Mire).)

Profile: A mysterious, scarlet-haired knight of Nohr with dragonblood from an unknown species. His ability to tap into what should be exclusive to The Nohr Bloodline initially had him prejudiced by its populace; but his ability with both Blade and Fang against Hoshido quickly dispelled all rumors and nearly led to Ryoma’s demise. The only one who seemed to believe in his talent through it all was a certain sultry Nohrian princess—one whom seems to share an interest in him and Kamui alike. The one fondest of Changing into new Classes. He was born on December 23rd.

Personal Skills:

  • Steeled Resolve: A damage-less attack. Allows the User to make any Non-Boss Unit a Neutral Ally for the rest of the turn. Does not affect Capture-possible Units.
  • Promotional Scorn: Only usable when the user

does not have a Dragonstone. Causes all Promoted Enemies to strike last, and all Promoted Allies to strike first within two spaces. Includes the User.

Child Unit: Edit

Name:  Exeaus

Sex:  Male

Class:  Dread Fighter.

Profile:  Older than his father, he claims to hail from a future where his father was murdered by a member of Nohrian royalty--but shows no suspicion of Camilla for the crime. A Neutral Unit straying too close to The Invisible Kingdom, Exeaus rivals Priam in ability to rally allies of any affiliation, and barred himself off in a Paralogue Realm resembling his home nation in a timeless blaze. He seems to sour up around Soleil for some reason—something he insists he inherited from his father.

A list of supports made for the character may be found on pastebin.

Quotes Edit

  1. I'm simultaneously face palming at how they put Camilla in the skimpy santa outfit and wondering if I can get that card. I'm very disappointed in myself.
  2. (Referring to the kind of classes that he likes) I'm not too picky I suppose as long as it has tomes or a sword going by the list I just made lol.

Trivia Edit